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  1. Quartz

    I found real studded leather in the Wallace Collection

    The attendants with whom I spoke knew nothing about it. And when I put the catalog number in the Wallace Collection's website it produces nothing.
  2. Quartz

    I found real studded leather in the Wallace Collection

    But it's not studded leather armour for a person; it's a protective leather binding on a spear. It's in the far corner of the Indian / Persian hall. Object 2196 FWIW
  3. Quartz

    OOTS 01277: ETA

    Is Burlew down to one a month now?
  4. Quartz

    D&D General Why Unbalanced Combat Encounters Can Enhance Your Dungeons & Dragons Experience

    I'm a big fan of the "Has X's story finished?" style. D&D is, among other things, a collaborative storytelling game and many players are invested in their characters.
  5. Quartz

    D&D 5E Does the 3rd Tier of Play at Level 11 Make Sense?

    I don't have the PHB to hand but I think that Hunter's Mark only needs to be upcast to 4th level to last all day, and a ranger can do that without multiclassing.
  6. Quartz

    D&D 5E Does the 3rd Tier of Play at Level 11 Make Sense?

    Do tell. For me the canonical example is Hunter's Mark where with upcasting you can get it to last all day. Do also remember that multiclass characters may have high level spell slots but no high level spells. A Wiz 9 / Cl 9, for example, will have a 9th level spell slot but only spells of up to...
  7. Quartz

    D&D 5E Does the 3rd Tier of Play at Level 11 Make Sense?

    How about spells that are upcast to 6th level? Are there any interesting effects there? For instance, Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum increases with the cube of the level increase - at 6th level one casting protects a volume 300 feet cubed.
  8. Quartz

    D&D 5E Upping Challenges for 7 Players

    Something else to try is the Mythic Trait from Theros. Basically resurrection with full HP. Or, if you want to be nasty, when the PCs are congratulating themselves, have the other dragon show up. And because the PCs are busy celebrating it attacks fully prepared and with surprise.
  9. Quartz

    D&D 5E Challenging a tanky one-trick pony PC

    Have you tried nets? Or the Web spell.
  10. Quartz

    D&D 5E Balancing Warlocks on a 1-2 combat per day workload.

    I would make each night a Short Rest.
  11. Quartz

    D&D General Level Independent Challenges

    Check out the Challenge of Champions adventures in Dungeon magazine.
  12. Quartz

    D&D General Why are we fighting?

    It's little-appreciated but Action Surge is the Fighter's flee power.
  13. Quartz

    A Dragonlance Retrospective: Part 1

    More like promotional material.
  14. Quartz

    Dragonlance Origin of a tiefling on Krynn?

    Draconians are the Dragonlance tieflings.
  15. Quartz

    D&D General Deities in D&D: Gods as Tulpas versus Gods as Progenitors

    Have you had a look at religion in RuneQuest? People actively sacrifice mystic energy - POW - to their gods. Divine intervention is a real thing. Etc. And don't forget the false gods - entities that people think are gods but are not. Paranoia, anyone?
  16. Quartz

    D&D 5E Too Many NPCs! Tomb of Annihilation Spoilers

    Another twist: kill off Valindra before the final fight. Then, during the fight with Acererak have him point at a phylactery and say, "Valindra, arise!" And nothing happens. Her soul got munched. Clever players will be able to point out to Acererak that, despite him being so powerful, if they...
  17. Quartz

    D&D 5E Too Many NPCs! Tomb of Annihilation Spoilers

    Lukanu and Zaal you want to try to keep alive in case one PC gets killed, so you can have the player take them over. There is nothing worse than having a player sat twiddling their thumbs. Do the PCs know that Valindra is a lich? Have Valindra fully on the side of the PCs, except that when it...
  18. Quartz

    D&D General Do you like LOTS of races/ancestries/whatever? If so, why?

    No, it doesn't. You're bang on with the Star Wars Cantina reference. That's fine for a port city, gateway to other lands, but the land as a whole is going to have very few races.
  19. Quartz

    D&D General Best NPC Classes (Dragon Magazine)

    IIRC The Commoner class was introduced in Imagine magazine.
  20. Quartz

    Planescape Primalshard: other "echo" plane.

    I'm not grokking the Phantomrift. The inhabitants would need to move around, trade, eat, sweep the streets, harvest, and so on, so PCs would see that going on.