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    TSR Wizards of the Coast Requests Injunction Against NuTSR

    Yeah, that is true. The way I see it,the corporation like this is made up of a mix of people whose job is to count the beans and people whose job is to push the envelope. Even when the corporate actions are tone deaf, they are partially motivated by the people who get it. I know a former...
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    NuTSR Financial Data Breach

    I tend to think that Rock Bottom is a myth- you can always dig deeper if you put your mind to it. So in this analogy, he will always have another foot to shoot.
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    Star Trek Star Trek, Paramount+, and a Defense of the Greatest Star Trek Captain

    How anyone can ever rank Kirk above Picard is beyond comprehension.
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    D&D 5E The Bible Is A New 5E Setting

    I still think that you need to go Old Testiment in order to find stuff that matches up with how RPGs work. When you get a few decades into the AD, all you've got is protagonists going to various places and repeating what Jesus said to them and eventually getting themselves killed by the locals...
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    D&D 5E The Bible Is A New 5E Setting

    Yeah. I honestly can't see this going great if you try to do it all with a straight face. I'm a bit surprised at the era this is set in. I was expecting a much older setting- Judges or Kings- or even maybe the Babylonian occupation. Especially with the lineages they've presented, I kind of...
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    TSR The Full & Glorious History of NuTSR

    Have you seen Darlene the Artist's public statements on the matter? She designed the TSR logo back in the day and has come forward with statements about how TSR(3) has treated her (and how she is not going to sign anything or accept money to support them in court).