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    Gen Con Expands!

    I went to 2014 and 2015. It was a good time. There were some problems. The convention has outgrown the housing available. That means that simple supply and demand made the hotel rooms get really expensive. (this is the invisible hand of Adam Smith giving us the bird). The organizers are trying...
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    [UPDATED AGAIN] Gary Gygax's Widow & TSR Settle Trademark Dispute

    EGG Jr. Is actively creating his own MegaDungeon, the Marmorial Tomb. It was a very successful Kickstarter campaign. $126,110 to be exact. He even posted today so he does not appear to be very discouraged. Let's all hope for the best, maybe after piloting his own IP out into the world he will...
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    Quests of Doom

    4 out of 5 rating for Quests of Doom This was done as a kickstarter and was early in the 5th Edition cycle. The dungeons are generally good and easy to drop into an existing campaign.
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    D&D 4th Edition Player's Handbook Now In PDF

    With this new PDF we are getting closer to having a searchable edition independent D&D. That could be helpful for DMs. If you want to see everything about a subject and how it was handled, just fire up the search. My players are asking about magic item creation these days, an easy way to review...
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    baldman games and gencon bonus

    A quick update. I just received "Out of the Abyss". Direct from Wizards. So that is a nice followup!
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    [UPDATED] WotC To Close Forums - Including D&D and M:tG (aka "Welcome New Forum Members to EN World!

    WotC is very small guys. I think less than 20 people. They have only so much time to allocate to each part of supporting the D&D brand. I suspect but have no proof, that they are choosing to not spend time moderating the message boards and focusing on other social media. (Twitter, Facebook...
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    [UPDATED] WotC To Close Forums - Including D&D and M:tG (aka "Welcome New Forum Members to EN World!

    Thank you Morrus for setting a good tone. I have been around on both forums for a long time. (pre 3e) Even though my present account is relatively new. The moderation here is very helpful. Both in the literal (posts changed by moderators) and metaphorical (people just being a little nicer)...
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    baldman games and gencon bonus

    Has anyone heard anything after the registration for the book and video game?
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    Baldman Games & WotC On All Access Issues At Gen Con

    OK I get your point. It seems too bad that there isn't more flexibility. I am fairly sure we played "very hard" as our track for the epic. Maybe they need another track added on to the end. 5-10 is a broad category. I am not boasting about our party being "kick but" we were just too high level...
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    Baldman Games & WotC On All Access Issues At Gen Con

    I was there and played the Mid Level Track along with a few of the Low Level "Harried in Hillsfar" games. The "Harried in Hillsfar" games were up and down. Since they were $4 and easy to get into, I feel like they should get some slack. That said I think they should have a better way of...