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    Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set at Target

    It's likely in the same location as the D&D stuff, which is the board game section. If a kid is looking in that section then I'd say there is a good chance that they'll know they need more than one person.
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    Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook Cover Reveal

    I don’t know if the picture itself has an impact but Fred Hicks did a post about cover design and product placement in a store sometime in the past year that shouldn’t be too hard to find on his Deadly Fredly blog. It was pretty interesting.
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    Another Look at the D&D Essentials Kit

    Does anyone have an ISBN number for it. I can't find it listed on Amazon.
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    Grab The WFRP4 Starter Set PDF Now!

    It seems like this is a must buy for the guide to Ubersreik alone.
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    [LAST CHANCE!] Vote For Your Favourite RPG Podcasts Of 2018!

    Wow, I don't even see most of the podcasts I listen to. I feel so out of the loop.
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    AMA with Monte Cook (Numenera, D&D, Monte Cook Games, Malhavoc Press)

    When will MCG be releasing more glimmers and fractals?
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    What's the most anticipated RPG of 2015?

    Feng Shui 2nd Edition, Delta Green RPG, Paranoia RPG, Urban Shadows.