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    Dominant Species...

    I've played this game twice. It's pretty good.I would consider the game to be a rather elegant hybrid between a Euro and an American conflict game. The primary mechanic is worker placement, similar to Euros such as Agricola and Stone Age, but the meat of the game revolves around area control by...
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    The entire credit crisis is, in large part, because of Enron-like practices. Giving out loans to people who can't pay them back is precisely the sort of irresponsibile behavior Enron engaged in - which was to put money in places where you know you can't recover it in an effort to show some...
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    Yep. Personally, I think the biggest problem nowadays is that many Board of Directors and other company owners simply don't even bother looking at how their businesses operate, they simply want X amount of money, and they think that by paying their executives and CEOs millions of dollars (most...
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    Zachary Houghton resigns as an ENnies judge

    I'm fairly late coming into the discussion but this kinda drew my attention: Yes, judges are allowed to have an opinion. They can have likes or dislikes. However, there is just one problem: In at least one case, a judge crossed the line from expressing a "personal opinion" to "having a...
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    Reviewing the Artificer

    As-is, the Artificer isn't really very good. I wouldn't buy a book for an Artificer. Main reasons are as follows: 1) Too many similarities with existing base classes (if it basically does something fairly similar to a Cleric, why not just play a Cleric and replace all Radiant attacks with an...
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    Players Vs. DMs

    As in previous editions, it will depend on your group and DMing. Mileage will vary.
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    Is optimization on a common ground such as teamwork good for an rpg?

    Optimizing a character for solo play also often leads to an optimized character for team play however. A character that is strong enough to solo is simply a strong character, period. Put four or five strong people together and you end up with an extremely strong party, even if their teamwork is...
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    The tragedy of 4th edition.

    Ditto. Exactly. To be blunt... the 4E rulebooks aren't the most organized and clear gaming materials I've ever seen. Certainly not the worse, but in comparison to Magic (which a lot of the rules-writing, particularly the At-Will/Encounter/Daily Powers is based on) it's pretty primitive. I get...
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    Marketing criticisms miss the point

    As a marketing professional, I believe strongly that even if the product is good, the consumer has the right to not buy a product because the marketing was vague or outright dishonest. It's the only way we can weed out the good marketing people from the sleazy ones. Still, marketing is not a...
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    What is wrong with 4E?

    ROFL. :D Nobody claimed that. I only said you brought it up twice (thrice now actually). By quoting me. :P I wasn't rebutting anyone with that particular statement. Again, I was just stating a fact. But hey, since you keep bringing it up, maybe it is relevant, even though you just said it...
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    What is wrong with 4E?

    ROFL Well, I'm not the one who brought it up twice :P
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    What is wrong with 4E?

    All I was saying is that 4E = 150% x 3.5. It's not 4E = 150% x (3.0 + 3.5) It's a simple statement of fact. Because if the latter is true, forget cautious optimism and start celebrating.
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    What is wrong with 4E?

    Actually, I did just see that. The problem is Mearls only said "print run", so I'm not entirely sure if he's referring to initial print run (where 4.0 > 3.5 is verifiably true, and 3.5 > 3.0 seems logically true), or the total print run. No mention if it's all books, or just core.
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    What is wrong with 4E?

    To clarify: I am referring to total sales here (because hong seems to be confused). 3.0 Core > 3.5 Core. Not print run. Not initial print run. Not Core + Splatbooks. Just total Core Sales. Which is again, merely to point out that while the news is definitely reason for cautious optimism - it's...
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    What is wrong with 4E?

    Well, you didn't say anything about initial print runs :P. Moreover, I already knew that: You really should read before you post.
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    What is wrong with 4E?

    Could you get the whole WoTC quote? I've got a few snippets from Cook and others on how 3.5 Core sold less than 3.0. Entirely possible for 3.5 as a whole (including splatbooks) to sell more than 3.0. And note that given we don't have any splatbooks for 4.0 yet, I'm keeping the analysis Core to...
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    What is wrong with 4E?

    Not really. 3E core > 3.5 core. So your statement is already false. Moreover, right now, 4E == ?
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    What is wrong with 4E?

    Wrong. They're merely reprinting the books. For reference also, the initial print run was 50% higher than the initial run of 3.5 (and 3.5 only, not 3.5 and 3.0). And note that reprinting the books is not always an indication of high sales. It could mean that there were a lot more orders of the...
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    WotC_Dave: Druid!

    If he's talking about shapeshift in particular, then "Hell Yeah!" Personally speaking, PHB II was worth the price of admission for this single, class-defining variant alone.
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    Pathfinder OGL/3.5 RPG system from Paizo

    While I haven't decided whether or not I'd switch 4E or Pathfinder (or stick to 3.5 :P), I must say this was a shrewd and gutsy move on Paizo's part. I think you may have just cornered a good, strong niche for yourselves.