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    Best Non-ENWorld 3.x D&D Website

    I hate to say this but...since 4E came out I really find little of use on ENWorld. I am not trying to stir something up and I understand why ENWorld is focused on 4E. I tried reading the new Dragon & Dungeon stuff even for flavor but it just turned me off. It makes me sad to come here, skim over...
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    You don't like the new edition? Tell me about it!

    I guess this is where I think it is sad. It seems as if we all could, in some way or another, play in 3.xe. It just seems that some people, myself included, feel as if their style of play is being pushed to the curb. The system that once enabled many styles of play has now eliminated a large...
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    actual statistics and marketing data for the rpg industry

    D&D not even mentioned as a product line in the MD&A...
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    What do you make and what do you do?

    Fixed Income Research Analyst. Have an MBA and am getting ready to take Level II in the Chartered Financial Analyst program.
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    Monster names?

    Not to be too silly, but does anyone else just laugh when they read the names of some of these monsters? The new undead excerpt has the "Zombie Hulk" that uses its "Zombie Smash". Am I supposed to actually say that in game? Every monster has several variants with, what seem to me, the...
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    Yet another look at KotSF/4th Ed.

    This is where I seem to be losing touch with the game. I am not a mini/tactical/action point gamer. Since we are playing a fantasy game, we have always just used our imagination in combats and had the DM adjudicate how things workout. That was always kind of our view of the DMs main job. Players...
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    What is Rifts like?

    I have to agree about the books. I have never played Rifts or the Palladium Fantasy game so I can't comment on the game mechanics, but I have generally never found another series of books I have enjoyed just reading so much. The storyline in all the books just always seemed so great and provided...
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    No more cone shaped powers?

    I guess I've just always viewed the DM as the supreme arbiter of balance. People played whatever classes they wanted and the DM balanced things by different encounters, magic items, etc. Of course that was before point-buys and expecting magic items for sale on every street corner. I don't...
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    No more cone shaped powers?

    We must be in the tiny minority that doesn't use a battlemat. It seems as if they keep marginalizing me more and more as the game takes on a one-size-fits-all mentality. Did everyone use mats before 3.x? I know there are certain mechanics new to the game (from 3.x on) that may be helped by the...
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    Do you buy D&D Minis?

    Never bought or used them. We always just used our imagination and DMs judgment on positioning.
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    Basic D&D: Did it hook you?

    Blue Box. Seeing that cover just gave me the chills. It has been boxed up for way too long. Maybe when my son is a few years older, we will start with it...
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    How old were you when you started playing D&D?

    1978 Blue Box. I was eight years old. I now have my six year old son playing the Dungeon boardgame which he can't get enough of. A couple of more years...
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    I use Gnomes in a homebrew campaign as a race of shrewd merchants that intermediate between the xenophobic, daylight-shunning dwarves and the rest of the world. They are the only ones dwarves will trade with (having been related in the ancient past) and run powerful guilds in the large cities...
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    Complete Divine

    Good review, but... I'm glad for the Greyhawk content. I guess my friends and I don't need a "nice, shiny cover" to enjoy good material. Are you suggesting that Europeans buy their gaming material based upon pictures/covers and not content? I guess if you are basing your entire concept of...