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    Chaosium hinting at something big.

    Ten books is a bit of a surprise - last time I heard it was expected to be a two-book slipcase. The desperate focus on Dragon Pass and adjacent areas still continues, it seems. Five books announced, and three are Lightbringers (Sartar, Heortland, parts of the Lunar Provinces), Earth Goddesses...
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    Chaosium hinting at something big.

    Release date for the Glorantha Cults book confirmed as June 2027. Unless it slips a little.
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    It's Not D&D - My Experiences

    Some of mine: Pendragon 5e Extent of Experience: ran several adventures and a 20-year campaign (which means in-game years) Status: it's sat on my shelf at the moment and I probably won't run it again, though mostly because there's a new edition probably out this year. Verdict: Not my favourite...
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    Runequest Is Befuddling Me

    The Starter Set is a good way to get to understand the mechanics, and the character creation is imo by some way the most complex part of the game. Some of the fan material on the Jonstown Compendium greatly reduces the amount of work involved there in terms of family background and proceeding...
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    Historical price help

    There's quite a few academic studies, not always accessible without paid membership. One that is available: Doesn't mention ships.
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    WotC Backs Down: Original OGL To Be Left Untouched; Whole 5E Rules Released as Creative Commons

    They can amend it; they already did once. It's perpetual, but not irrevocable or unchangeable. If I'm reading the particular CC licence correctly, it also makes content released under it use the same licence. So you'd get to use Mind Flayers and Beholders if you wanted to; but then your own IP...
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    other literary RPGs?

    Only in so far as Lin Carter's Thongor of Lemuria books were somewhat inspired by Howard's Conan. I wouldn't say they're too similar setting-wise. Anyway to add a couple to the list there's Scheherezade with some supplements and adventures that's based on 1001 Nights. Which is not only very...
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    WotC Announces OGL 1.1 -- Revised Terms, Royalties, and Annual Revenue Reporting

    That rather depends on the game involved, doesn't it? My copy of Barbarians of Lemuria was a lot less than $150 and is still in quite regular use.
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    What's yer favorite genre?

    Space Opera Historical Fantasy Hard SF High Fantasy Historical Horror Dark Fantasy Dystopian near-future
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    Forbidden Lands

    There's a small collection of additional professions, 3 iirc. And a couple of adventures that add a spell. I think the Bloodmarch supplement was supposed to have a few additional spells, or at least I think that was mentioned in the kickstarter. But not a lot.
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    Ideas for Fantasy Campaigns

    I'm currently running a game that's in part a police game, where the PCs are official representatives of the local ruler assigned to a backwater village to make sure everything runs smoothly (by which they mean, taxes get paid and nothing that requires sending out large numbers of troops/priests...
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    Classes: What changes do you predict?

    I would say they should also take a serious look at the divine and primal lists. Clerics of a deity of water and deception probably shouldn't be making fire fall from the sky or moving the earth around, but certainly need more illusion and 'watery' magic. And it probably wouldn't hurt druids if...
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    Classes: What changes do you predict?

    Barbarian - probably not going to see much change, though they might add resistance while ranging to force damage after virtually every creature with magical s/p/b damage had it switched to force damage in MotM. Or that might be the point of the change, a stealth nerf for barbarians. Bard -...
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    Space Adventure RPGs

    That will of course depend on the technology assumptions of the SF setting in question. One thing that clearly won't be the case when compared to modern sea patrols is that there's no distinction between sea and air movement; which means no aircraft manoeuvring at speeds a large ship can't...
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    What New Classes Should Be Added One D&D PHB?

    I feel very confident in saying that people who craft magic 'stuff', whether alchemists or other things, have been around for a long time in D&D. Artificer just seems to codify that in an adventuring class.
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    What New Classes Should Be Added One D&D PHB?

    If having to fit every setting is the criteria, we're getting a PHB with the Fighter, Rogue and Ranger. None of the others with the way they work in D&D work in the way they need to for a great many settings. Pretty thin class list in the next PHB. I don't think there will be any new ones...
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    Favorite "Homeric" RPG or Setting

    It certainly happens - there's a famous part of the Iliad where the gods fight on their preferred side in the Trojan War - but even then it's not really directly in opposition to the heroes. Advice or occasionally rescue (Aeneas and Achilles both get help from a deity when they're in trouble)...
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    Favorite "Homeric" RPG or Setting

    With some work, Pendragon/Paladin. Warrior aristocracy Epic heroes facing mythic monsters and/or each other With their passions and feelings causing some behaviour patterns which might aid or hinder them The ethos of the setting(s) run pretty close. How those are expressed (knights on horseback...
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    What game is the best simulationist game?

    What do you want to simulate and how detailed a simulation do you want? A game that's good at blow-by-blow melee combat might not be so great at political intrigue and backbiting at royal court; and even games which try to do both almost always give one far more attention than the other. And a...
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    Out with the old (Game design traditions we should let go)

    There's also the MMO players who spend years learning and analysing the system and publish their assessment of how to improve the healing rate of <Class> by a whole 1.4% over any other healer build. Computer gamers are perfectly capable of very detailed analysis of the games they(I too) play...