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    D&D General What are you running?

    5e Tomb of Annihilation (dropping for Call of Cthulhu, hopefully) and DCC (loving it). I'm leaving 5e (and its revised ed.) behind, something I should've done a long time ago.
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    Goodman Games goes ORC!

    I'm glad they are. I've recently left behind a long-time prejudice for DCC and, after GMing 5 sessions, I can safely say I'm home. DCC has earned its place alongside Call of Cthulhu and OD&D as my go-to games. Edit: minor fixes
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    D&D 5E Choose 3 to protect you (a poll)

    Two decades of D&D taught me to never go with PCs as bodyguards, no matter their level. Odds are you'll end up in a cheap tavern armwrestling a thri-kreen for the prize of tasting his carapace or chasing a squirrel into Mirkwood because that's supper for today (although everyone has a fortnight...
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    D&D General XP Awards for -- what????

    "Milestone XP" is way better than "milestone leveling", IME. An actual number in the sheet lets the players know how far they've advanced and helps them evaluate the risk/reward of challenges. Also, it mitigates "when do we level up" kind of questions. Do your math, kiddo, you level up when you...
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    D&D 5E Which would you rather have?

    For real me? Ring of Haste. It's the 21st century, the age of many-things-at-once. Also, I'm not in the military, uniforms nor do I do fighting (pro or street), so Bless and Blur greatest effects would be rendered useless. If I put my dogs in the equation, though: Ring of Blur! They deserve...
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    OSR How to make a Witcher for OSE

    You could treat Shield, Flame, Charm and Aard as skills, instead of spells, usable once per turn. The Witcher is never a full caster (or even half or third caster), but uses their few tricks often and get better in using them in time. Carcass Crawler #1, the 'zine from Necrotic Gnome...
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    D&D 5E Vecna new art was a collaboration with Stranger Things!

    The Gauntlet is missing a spot. That makes the Sixth Stone their eye. Huh, not bad, not bad...
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    D&D General Help a newer DM with homebrew world ! How do I complete the story !

    I second that. In one of my last games, I had no clue how the party would "win" against the BBEG. I didn't even stat him or anything until 10 sessions in. He was there, from the very first session, as a voice through a monolith that catapulted the party into a race against time, but the "how to...
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    D&D General Your first D&D experiences?

    That, sir, is called busting a door with style. Things you learn at Barbarian School in class Busting Doors Advanced: How to Mix It with Beyoncé-inspired Moves.
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    D&D General Your first D&D experiences?

    A quick look at the props and I calmly thought: "Cool, a flashdrive with 3e logo". Then the big "2000" hit me...
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    What IP would you like to see as an RPG?

    Yeah, it's kind of weird we never got one. Final Fantasy RPG: that could challenge Avatar Legends for top 1 on Kickstarter.
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    OSR Interested in dipping my toe into OSR but don’t know where to start. Any recommendations?

    OSE will have you worried about one and only one thing in your inventory: coins, be it silver or gold pieces. You pack a weapon or two, a piece of armor, and a backpack full of stuff and go adventuring. You note the weight (in coins) of those items with the backpack worth 80 no matter what you...
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    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Charmed thief backstabs two characters [BX-OSE]
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    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Pilot freezes, the kid pilots! [ALIEN]
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    What IP would you like to see as an RPG?

    Sure, but in terms of IP, TWD, World War Z, and even Zombieland are recognizable by the masses. DoW, not even close. I'm with you as in any of those can fit a Z-RPG and wouldn't make much of a difference. Except Zombieland, for the tone.
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    What IP would you like to see as an RPG?

    Dead of Winter does a good job as a board game. I don't see an IP there worthy of licensing, though. The crossroads cards are generic "zombie apocalypse trouble" and the name doesn't have brand recognition. You can do a DoW game with a different name.
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    What IP would you like to see as an RPG?

    Oh, I agree there are problems with the show. Granted, I've only watched the first two seasons and I'm aware of its story from third-party accounts from friends. I also think that Zombie games can only go so far, and when you enter the dystopian aspects, its becomes a broad genre, with many...
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    What IP would you like to see as an RPG?

    Sheer number. IIRC, 0.3% of humankind didn't succumb to the virus in the 48 hours or so of the outbreak. In a city like L.A., some 12,000 people found themselves trapped by 3,988,000 walkers in the span of 2 days. That's a lot of biting. Combine that to the fact no-one knew what the hell was...
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    What IP would you like to see as an RPG?

    I always thought The Matrix universe would make a cool RPG. Unfortunately, the last movie did very little to ignite the franchise again, and perhaps its esthetic is a bit dated. Yet the adventure setup is all there: awakened rebels hacking into the Matrix to run quests inside dynamic dung...