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    From Forgotten Realms to Red Steel: Here's That Full D&D Setting Sales Chart

    Is anybody just plain confused by the hash marks (each one year apart) vs the updates (each 6 months)? So if the first point on the line graph is at 300k and that’s the back half of a year, the next two points on the line are 90k and 100k—then sales in the first [PARTIAL] year were 300k, and...
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    Level Up (A5E) Sharing Advanced 5E's Encounter Building Rules

    Wizards of the Coast is really allowing a game with 5E in the title? You’d think that given the reliance of this name on the prior existence of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that it would be real important for them to provide some more distance—and a real open/shut case.
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    Worlds of Design: Peaceful Solutions to Violent Problems

    Milestone rewards, DM flexibility, and empathy.
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    D&D 5E Here's Our Favourite (and least favourite) D&D Monsters!

    What I really want to do is…rank them all, and aggregate that with a bunch of other opinions :) Thx for the post! Shame ‘bout that pesky Audi-correct!
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    TSR D&D Historian Ben Riggs on TSR's Salaries in the 1990s

    The comment where the author admits they’re not trained in business but then starts to pontificate over salary equity is GOLD! A good fit for here in this comment thread I’d wager!
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    D&D 5E The Star-Shaman’s Song of Planegea for 5e: An Interview With David Somerville (Atlas Games)

    In the two questions about races and classes there was almost nothing new - but rather a re-skin/explanation for everything that exists (walking fallen stars Ala Stardust excepted). min the monster templates section it was “yeah add tentacles” or “holy dinoparts Batman”…which may not be to...
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    Paizo Paizo Freelancers Support Union

    This is a pretty unusual role playing scenario—and you’re saying that Paizo’s “unionization guide” is going to be a one-off or an adventure path publication? Announcement unclear. All I got is that it’s being delayed. This is because of the part in the ‘Agents of Edgewatch’ where the underpaid...
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    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie: Action Packed, Funny as Hell

    D&D is a pretty good place for people falling in to the story from the real world. Jumanji probably owns that though—scaring off producers from making similar. For some reason Justice Smith’s tone implies that to me. Or maybe it’s the feeling of getting real famous actors, like they wouldn’t be...
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    Carrying Dice (With Help)

    Chalk bag for climbing. soft liner drawstring closure Holds more sets than is needed is pretty small extra dice in box in basement roll in a tray
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    Camping and D&D: Preparing for the Trip

    I anticipate rain and wind for outdoor activities. Good luck!
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    WotC Hydro74 Cover for Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos

    The puffy pastels with low contrast and really large single design looks like a first draft to me.
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    Cloudsea: A Primer to Living Atop the Clouds: An Interview With Miguel Colon (Beyond the Horizon)

    Off and on I map out this idea…do you HAVE to live in the sky (why?) or just want to…? Are your boats propelled by dragons, do they float? Are there adventuring crews, do you have a captain, do you let a player be one…? it’s easy to see why my version of this is a sketch and not a saleable...
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    Worlds of Design: Which Came First, the Character or Their Backstory?

    A backstory is an interesting time to think about the different stories told about a group of heroes vs one character. If your game can only generate “we beat those guys”, then congrats, you’re fulfilling the game’s roots in Chainmail. What kind of game makes it as likely that ‘my marriage...
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    D&D General Gameplay Trailer for D&D Dark Alliance Video Game

    Super Pass. if THIS IS ACTUAL GAMEPLAY where there’s middle finger lava deaths and death-metal guitar ogres... Also—what a stupid turn-off of a trailer. D&D as an endless “we got to save the world” is a mundanity that’s outlived any excitement it can generate. Replacing that with a paean to...
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    D&D General Acquisitions Inc - how to run for 100% NPCs? (Society of Brilliance / Out of the Abyss)

    How would you run an all NPC "franchise"? Aquisitions Inc [AI] appears to feature a) an income maximization game and b) narrative that's snappy and corporate. For a group of players going through the published adventure 'Out of the Abyss', the goal is to have downtime activities that expand on...
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    D&D 5E Kate Welch on Leaving WotC

    right. I wish no human ill, but - as far as news goes, big enh.
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    D&D 5E DM Screen 'Wilderness Kit'

    No way players are sitting close enough to a screen to read the text if it was on their side. I love the concept of this release, but the execution of perforated cards, etc. means I wouldn’t pay more than about $12 for it—and that’s just comparing the screen to ones already out as I don’t think...
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    Where's the American Fantasy RPG?

    We’re reading Baum now? Somehow I doubt it. Quoth the raven—nevermore. At least Edith Nesbit got there first. Always interesting to take a walk down memory lane. I’ll tell you two tomes that really haven’t aged well: ‘The Adventures of Huck Finn’ and ‘The Kamasutra’. Must we really lament...
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    The Dark Eye - Gods of Aventuria Interview

    I’m presuming the Drakensang video game (2008 release) uses the rules pretty darn close to printed material’s rule set. If so, this Wikipedia article contains about everything I could want to know to learn more about how this game works...