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    DDAL Tomb of Annihilation AL questions

    I understand Im still curious how deep AL goes. Is AL like playing ToA or is it more like running around Chult and encountering lizardy stuff?
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    DDAL Tomb of Annihilation AL questions

    I have the official ToA book and Ive played all the tier 1 AL modules... Im now thinking about DMing for my friends. Its been a long time since I DMed so I was wondering a few things. If I ran AL adventures would it be similar to playing the module? The low level stuff was quite fun and I feel...
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    What 2 Colours for each module?

    What 2 colours would you associate with each module? Im making ribbons for my books and debating what colours to use. Any thoughts?
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    So what's the consensus on Castles&Crusaders

    C&C is great. Streamlined but still feels like D&D. Them is more classic which I prefer. You can add features from other systems and it should ruin the game. I think 5e has some great features, the only thing I dont like is it feels like each character class has a lot magic running thru...
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    OSR What Has Caused the OSR Revival?

    OSR clones also fill a space that big modern games dont. I think that space is short adventures. I prefer the short adventures of the past but I would prefer a simple modern system to play them. That is why C&C is very appealing to me.
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    Toronto to GenCon 2018

    Who is interested in taking a bus from Toronto to GenCon 2018? I was thinking this would be a fantastic way to meet other like minded people along the way. If your interested in this idea leave a reply or PM me. (PS this will also be a great way to meet other gamers if you need some for your...
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    Question about Adventure League events

    Im thinking about playing in my first Adventure League at GameholeCon. Then I realized is there anyway to estimate what level I might be after playing "DDAL07-01 A City on the Edge" also what adventure should I play next? Im a bit confused how are the AL adventures connected to the Tomb of...
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    D&D 5E Question about Wizards

    Wizards at 2nd Level get Arcane Tradition. Does that mean when the get their spells at 1st Level it can be from any school, then at 2nd Level on wards its must be from their school? If how does that work with finding scrolls of another school of magic? Thanks for any clarification.
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    looking podcast friendly creepy sound effects

    I was thinking about recording the audio of my play thru of Curse of Strahd but Id like to have sound effects in the game. So, Im looking for podcast safe sound effects. Im not looking to make money off the recordings. Anyone has some recommendations of places to get good sound effects. Thanks :)