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    Let's Take Another Look At That One Ring 2E Cover

    Mmm... Actually Tolkien kind of did (strongly) imply that all dwarves, including dwarf woman, have a beard. Check here. In my view, Cubicle7 is making a mistake showing a female dwarf without a beard on their front over. I mean... why do they do it? What's the point? If the point is to show...
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    Let's Take Another Look At That One Ring 2E Cover

    A female dwarf adventurer in Tolkien’s universe? No thank you. Too much against canon for me.
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    Here's How WFRP4 Will Handle Fate and Fortune, Resilience and Resolve

    According to the original article, fortune is not gained each day, but rather: "You regain Fortune points at the start of each session and sometimes during play. "
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    Preview WFRP4's Career List! Plus The Apothecary!

    Looks very promising. I particularly like the flexibility between levels, careers and classes. Well done, Cubicle7!
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    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Combat Preview

    Hehe, no, but I was refering to the image style. It is far cry from any other image I have ever seen for WFRPG. I am curious as to what this means. Is this going to be the general style in WFRPG4? My opinion is that this style is great for TOR, but not for WFRPG.
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    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Combat Preview

    Why does the image associated with this post look like something from The One Ring?
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    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4E Launches At UK Games Expo In June!

    There has been amazingly little marketing hype on this game considering it’s popularity. I have subscribed to their newsletter for months and... nothing. Does anyone know anything about the rules engine in the 4th edition? Hopefully they’ll replace the one from 2nd edition, which I consider its...
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    Here's A Look At The Cover Of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 4th Edition!

    Its gonna be the Most Anticipated RPG of 2018! Perhaps even the decade :) Man, can't wait to get my hands on this.
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    News Digest: M:TG Theft, Shadowrun Video Games, BattleTech YA Novels, and more!

    That Warhammer Bundle is an amazing deal! Jumped in to get everything. Along with 10,000 others :) As a nice bonus, 10% of what you pay (or whatever you choose) goes to charity. Wow.
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    Age of Sigmar RPG Coming From Cubicle 7

    I don't recall a single post from an Age of Sigmar fan here at ENworld. Who actually wants an Age of Sigmar RPG? As for two different rule sets, this makes sense (to me at least) because the Old World and Age of Sigmar settings are so different, and thus will benefit from different rule sets to...
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    One Die To Rule Them: Looking At Cakebread & Walton's OneDice Pirates & Dragons

    No link? Well, here it is on DriveThruRPG:
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    [UPDATED - With Cubicle 7] Games Workshop Concluding Deal For Licensing Rights To Warhammer Fantasy

    Btw, could C7 run this as a kickstarter? Probably unlikely... but it could be really great for fans to be closer to the project. I also think this would make a better final product.
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    [UPDATED - With Cubicle 7] Games Workshop Concluding Deal For Licensing Rights To Warhammer Fantasy

    Also vote for Old World setting, not Age of Sigmar. I fully trust C7 to make an excellent game engine that fully captures the "grim and perilous" mood (and finally frees us from the percentage-based skills of the 1st and 2nd edition).
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    News Digest: Critical Role and Tabletop Going Premium Access? Pathfinder New Releases and Player Inc

    The Legend of Huma has existed as a graphical novel since 2008. You can find it here: So what is the news here? Will a new version of the graphical novel...
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    Is the Pathfinder Core Rulebook Too Big For You? Check Out These Pocket Editions!

    I saw the softcover corebook at a gamestore in San Francisco 3 weeks ago. Seems that Paizo's sales and logistics department has outpaced their marketing department on this one :)
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    Character Narratives Preview from PRIMEVAL THULE

    I think this is a mistake. D&D 5e has a well-established and clear terminology. I see no point in suddenly using a different terminology in Thule 5e. It'll only bring confusion. Like you see in this thread. And like you see over at the kick-starter comments e.g. about "tactical advantage". I...