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    Eberron: Buying?

    One thing sold me on it. LIGHTNING TRAINS!!! Doesn't get ANY cooler than that. :cool:
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    Expanded Psionics: Buying?

    Danger Captain! Not-so-humble-opinion approaching!!! ;) Psionics? Pfffffft! :p What's the point if you have magic? What's the point of having magic if you have psionics? Nah, to me they're the same thing. Yes, I know they are actually different, but on a campaign level, the seem...
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    Gaming stores in the Denver area?

    While I've only been in the Wizard's Chest, it surely didn't strike me as a "gaming store." I was more of a yuppie's fantasy store that happend to sell some D20 stuff. I've lived in Colorado all my life, and while I don't claim to know much, I do know that the three BEST "gaming" stores are...
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    Anyone here ever PUSH A MAN DOWN STAIRS!?

    Anyone throw him out of the truck and over the wall? :cool:
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    Where Can I Find The Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas???

    I FOUND IT!!! I FOUND IT!!! Thanks to everyone that helped, especially Thalmin. My wife called earlier today and ordered it and it's on the way. :D Call his shop if any of y'all need one too! :) Big Daddy
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    Where Can I Find The Forgotten Realms Interactive Atlas???

    Alrighty, who has it? Come on, fess up! I want to know where I can get it and I want to know right now!!! Sorry about that... My frustration level is a bit high right now. I've looked EVERYWHERE I can think of to find this "little" bit of software and no one knows where I can find it, or...
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    The Gaming Ideal

    1.) What is the best number of players at the table, whether as a DM or player yourself? 3-6 though I personal think 5 is the perfect number 2.) How often should you be able to game in an ideal world? Weekly 3.) How long should those sessions be? 4-6 hours 4.) The poll handled percentage...
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    Everyone, Tell us about your games, please!

    1.) How many players in your group? 5 2.) Do you DM? Yes 3.) Do other people in the group DM, and how many? 1 4.) What's the Male/Female composition of the group? 5/1 5.) Got a good gamestore near you and what is it? Several, in alphabetical order; Attactix, Bonnie Brae & Valhalla's (Denver...
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    Submitted for Your Consideration: Changes to ORIGINS Awards

    If you're this good at proposing changes, why can't you run your own company? Let's all give Mr. Ryan a hand for single handly killing Living City, and now taking a shot at Origins Voting too. "You are now returned to your normally scheduled program...."
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    MMORPG madness!

    Give NeoCron A Try Hey Everyone, If you want something a little different, try NeoCron. It's a MMORPG, but it's got a cyberpunk setting. Loads of fun, pretty cheap on the shelf, I paid $25 for the CD, and it's run by a couple of guys in Germany. There are dedicated English language servers...
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    What are your all-time favorite PS2 games?

    NASCAR THUNDER 2002 from EA Sports. Simple to play, TOUGH to master. Plus you get to race a career with a CUSTOM paint job on your car! :) Custom setups for each race and as much racing detail as you can stand, from rookie to veteran. I also love Grand Theft Auto 3 & Vice City. Yes, I...
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    Help me find minatures for my party!!!

    You might already be aware, but Reaper also has some seriously cool weapons packs if you want to give your cleric something more a bit more bashing! :D Weapons Pack #1 Weapons Pack #2 Weapons Pack #3 Weapons Pack #4 Hope you find the perfect weapon. :) Sincerely, Big Daddy
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    [NWN]Help me control this thing

    Depending on how lazy I am, I either just use the ol' "click here" method to guide my little buddy around and then use the mouse on either edge of the screen to turn the camera view, or I use Microsoft's Strategic Commander. It's like a joystick for your left hand that takes the place of the...
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    DnD PC Games

    Without a doubt, Neverwinter Nights kicks butt. Yes, it doesn't have all the feats or skills. It even has new ones that don't make sense in D&D terms. BUT! It's multiplayer advantages FAR outweigh the minor issues. Spellcasting appears to be pretty accurate and you can even download a mod...
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    e-tools: what does it do, what doesn't it do?

    Ummm, yes it does work. :rolleyes: Quite well in fact. I've had no trouble using eTools to create and print multiple stat blocks for use in my home campaign. In this capacity it has become quite invaluable to me. With minor tweaking (downloading Eric Noah's and other's excellent database...
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    Persistent NWN Worlds

    I have been playing in a server titled Silver Marches in the Roleplaying section. It appears to be pretty decent so far. The DM puts up a password during peak times, to help cut down on the number "lookie lou's", but you can go to the website... Click...