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    So I don't like Spycraft that much

    I'd give Covert Ops a look-over. Simple system with enough crunch to individualize the characters without bogging things down.
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    Welcome to The Witcher RPG

    Is the game world based or story based. I have never had a liking for realistic games with deadly combat that doesn't seem to actually model the fiction that it is based upon.
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    Frank Mentzer reveals more details on Worlds of Empyrea

    I would think this would be impractical. It would mean each book would have to be re-written and have multiple small print runs and the boxes would have to be packed separately. Add the market fractioning from the multitude of systems and I am not sure how one would make it work financially.
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    Top Secret: New World Order

    Do any know it handle modifiers or scale? Cracking a house lock vs cracking a bank safe or Punching Bruce Lee vs Punching Me. If it is just changing a die then it has pretty limited scale.
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    What's the best (non-Star Wars) sci-fi system/setting for fans of D&D 5e?

    Stars without Numbers. Good Support. Base game is free. In the 5e realm of complexity.
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    CODENAME: MORNINGSTAR - Is This The End, Or Is There More To Come?

    I think their arrogance and condescending attitude had something to do with it. At first people were offering some positive advice (Your asking price is to much for the market, Starting a kickstarter over the holidays isn't the best choice. Get better promotional material, a better presence...
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    What Happens If CODENAME: MORNINGSTAR Doesn't Fund?

    They seem to be giving up on the kickstarter themselves. The last update was the 23rd. It's been weeks since they commented on the Paizo forums (unless it is someplace different from their initial pose). I don't think I ever saw anything on RPG.Net but nothing current. They should be hitting...
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    What Happens If CODENAME: MORNINGSTAR Doesn't Fund?

    Yep - Every post makes me doubt more whether they know what they are doing. They have spent 1.2M on a product that isn't ready but they need to have a kickstarter to judge if there is a market? I would think you would have judged the market before putting that kind of money into it. If you make...
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    The Morningstar Proprietor's Guild

    Is there pricing listed anywhere? (Besides Hollow man's quote?) Do we know if it is per device or per account? (I pay 25 bucks and I can download it on my tablet, my phone and my laptop) I don't know the apple market but $25 is going to be a real hard sell on android.
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    The Morningstar Proprietor's Guild

    Now this sounds cool. If someone could explain how it might work? I thought the player module was free. The GM's material is tied to their account so what would be tied to the geo location? THe store gets an account for people to use material for?
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    Is there actually a product yet? Everything links to the kickstarter that states that the product will be out in the future. Looks like the earliest is 2nd quarter next year. Timing would be tight to get them out near together.
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    Huh - Part of the reward valuation is the also valuing the risk. If I did a Kickstarter asking for 1 Million for you to save a seat on a working spaceship for a round trip to the planet of your choice, would you kick in a couple hundred bucks? The reward is easily worth that. Here trying to...
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    CODENAME: MORNINGSTAR Kickstarter Launched - and it's for PATHFINDER!

    Actually it leaves me a bit more confused. You say that Morningstar was designed to be open in its implementation of rules but only to one particular rules system and that some of the modules were designed to work irrespective of system but that they won't be open either and the Kickstarter is...
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    D&D 5E Dungeonscape Lives!

    I think that is where you are loosing me. I was told that there was a product that would be ready for the holidays and supported 5E. This new product is scheduled to be in April which is not far off. From the descriptions given I don't see much difference from the already available Realmworks...
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    Super Heroes Game for Younger Players

    Supercrew works well with young kids. (At least it did with my daughter at age 9 )
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    Is there a SW:EE character generator?

    Metacreator by Alterego games has a pretty complete character creator. More complete then Hero Labs, though hero labs has a better interface.
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    Looking for a Playing Card Based RPG

    The old deadlands is probably one of the best for atmosphere. Cards and Pokerchips though it still uses dice. Castle Falkenstein is pretty good also but would need a bit of work to get it to modern western.
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    Campaign Manager for DNW?

    I have read some of the threads on the various software products for different campaign managers and I was wondering if anyone has any advice for one that would be able to handle a game such as "Deeds not Words." It's a D20 supers game with a couple of extra's needed to be added in (Like power...