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    Survey (A5E) Survey Results #1: Broad Outlines

    Perhaps this suggests that any of these items that had a big cluster of support could be created and offered as supplementary material (much like Sanity in the DMG).
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    Level Up (A5E) Changes to Advantage

    Whenever I think advantage is too good but admit that there's something about the situation that merits some kind of bonus, I offer minor advantage. My players like to roll dice, so they mostly like this more than a plain +1. Minor Advantage Roll d20 and d12. If either result is a success, the...
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    CM hacked

    I knew it! It must be an international waters, maritime law thing. Damn those ruthless, super-intelligent-at-law hackers.
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    Pathfinder 1E Modern Pathfinder Dataset for Hero Lab Dec 2010 Update

    So if I buy this now, do I get a free update when it gets updated? Just curious how this is going to work over time. Also, is anyone else interested in adventures for this? I loved d20 Modern and would like to play it again; this seems like a good opportunity.
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    Thank You

    Like others: good luck, sorry to see you go, etc., etc. I will definitely keep an eye open to see where you end up. If some organization picks you up, that will definitely give me a reason to consider making purchases through that company. Dave
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    Your Dicebag and You. What makes a perfect Dicebag

    My mother is a professional embroiderer and so I had her make up some bags with dragons embroidered on them. They're very cool. But, for maximum capacity, I've found that the cloth wine-bottle bags are actually pretty close to perfect. Dave
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    DMs: Managing your (4e) combats

    I've played 4e several times (8th level paladin), but haven't DMed yet. In the campaign I've been playing, I've noticed this slog mode a few times. Generally, it's happened when the DM allowed a new set of monsters to join, thereby turning two encounters into one. I have put zero thought into...
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    WotC changes how D&D mini's are going to be sold.

    Saving the DDM Skirmish Game I don't think it is. There's quite a bit of fight left in the DDM players. On Hordelings, Maxminis, and the WotC forums you'll find quite a robust discussion of how the skirmishers intend to reincarnate the game. Guilds, donations, player tracking and rankings...
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    Is D&D recession proof?

    Anything that is purchsed is not recession proof. I think it depends upon the severity of the recession (or depression). Without going too far afield into the economics of the situation, I'd say that WotC is going to suffer for the next few years. I would not be surprised to see some layoffs...
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    Red Hand of Doom 4.0

    Brilliant work Ben (and everyone else), thanks! Dave
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    Combat ends, a person is still -hp what happens ?

    The DM checks to see if there are any surviving party members. If yes, the DM says "So, the living party member figures out how to stabilize everyone. Lucky you." And then they get ready for the next encounter. Because dead isn't fun. Dave
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    Amazon shipped my books

    I checked my order (placed in March), the expected arrival date is still June 10. Good thing I'm not in a hurry. Dave
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    A question on the Raise Dead ritual

    Carve up the body, take different parts to different areas, do several rituals, and see what happens. Dave
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    Poll: Do you have the books already?

    Books? I don't have no stinkin' books. Dave
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    The Failure of Gleemax

    Fourth edition, the revised minis rules, Gleemax, the "digital initiative," all seem like ways of starting over. I don't mind that the game evolves. But, this "revolution not evolution" approach has been pretty dismal. I like that the folks on the inside feel a need to improve their product...
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    Tracking all this stuff

    Little rubber bands could work too. Different colors, looped over a mini's arm or sword or something. It would probably be too much work to have index cards in front of each player, with little chits on the card. Speaking of poker chips.... You can use pennies, nickels and dimes too. They're...
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    Skills in Combat

    Total out-of-the-blue, I-haven't-seen-a-rule guess: "depends on the skill." I would imagine that some skills (disabling a trap, for example) might be so time-intensive as to be only allowed outside of combat. Others, of course, might be very useful in combat and so allowed. And, in some...
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    AC and description

    This is what I've been doing all along. Thank goodness the system has finally caught up. Dave
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    WotC officials: we want MINIS for the modules!

    I remember when the Red Hand of Doom was all the rage; a few months later, many of the minis that were in the module were released in sets. This seems a little backwards. I get that they need cross-over, and I think it's smart that they go for that. However, releasing the minis first, and...
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    AOE Spells - 1 attack roll vs. All Targets?

    I suppose that until we see the system, it will be a challenge to discuss the merits of alternatives. However, I suppose you could always mitigate things by splitting some differences. You could, for instance, roll a single attack for the little group on the left, another die for the little...