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    D&D 5E The Decrease in Desire for Magic in D&D

    I tend to use roleplaying to limit magic. Spellcasters are rare and the general populace are frightened and suspicious of magic, wizards need to keep a low profile. There are no magic schools or universities so the master/apprentice system rules, limiting spellcaster numbers in the world Also in...
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    D&D General Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings of Color

    Haven't read whole thread so apologise if already mentioned. FR wood elves are described as 'copper' in skin tone and if I remember correctly the 3rd FR campaign guide illustrated them as such.
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    D&D General The Gygaxian Origins of Drow and Some Thought on their Depiction As Villians

    Haven't read entire thread so someone might have already mentioned. The Drow if I remember correctly were 'cursed' with black skin and banished to the Underdark. So not only are they portrayed as evil by skin colour but also 'cursed' with being dark skinned instead of white. Ironically they...