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    D&D 5E Where We've Been and Where We Might Be Going (or, What I Think WotC Is Doing)

    I think not starting the discussion with 3rd edition misses critical parts of the picture. 3rd edition was remarkably successful and spurred a renaissance in the tabletop gaming community. A key part of this was the license that allowed other publishers to add to the 3rd edition ecosystem...
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    D&D General Why are "ugly evil orcs" so unpopular?

    In the end, I think it depends on what you want out of your game. If you want a bit more hack, slash, and uncomplicated "I killed the monster, saved the princess, and got the treasure", then old school evil orcs are great for you. If you want a game with more complexity (which doesn't mean...
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    D&D General Why are "ugly evil orcs" so unpopular?

    Yes... but both of the "good" groups are small isolated groups while the Lolth worshiping group is still the main one. It's almost a "look, they're not all bad, there's a token group over here, see!"
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    D&D General Why are "ugly evil orcs" so unpopular?

    Here's an absolute test for "is this race evil?" You come upon a village of XXX. You kill all the adults (and likely young adults) that come out to fight your party. There are children and babies left. What does your party do? If the answer is "kill them" or "leave them to die", it's probably...
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    D&D General Why are "ugly evil orcs" so unpopular?

    I don't know, and I'm certainly not making a claim that orcs were based on any specific racial group. Just that the other major fantasy races of that time being elves, dwarves, and halflings, all of which were portrayed as white (mainly because they were using European legends as a base), made...
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    D&D General Why are "ugly evil orcs" so unpopular?

    To me there's an interesting parallel that's going on and that's the Drow. Drizzt in a lot of ways falls under the same umbrella as Worf son of Mogh. A member of an "evil" race that fights for good. And while we're moving towards 3 dimensions with the orcs, we don't seem to be doing the same...
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    D&D General Friday Fun: Merge Two Monsters

    The Pyre Dragon... the result of a red dragon seeking immortality by consuming the essence of a phoenix, this dragon with fiery feathers of red and gold has subjugated any of the phoenix's benevolent nature it might have inherited. When it dies, its body is consumed in a great pyre that...
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    Big Changes At White Wolf Following Controversy

    I'm going to jump back in and first, apologize if what I said way back in the beginning of this thread started a politicization of this discussion. I merely meant that the words that were being thrown at White Wolf (alt-right, fascist, bigoted, etc...) whether they belong together or not, didn't...
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    Big Changes At White Wolf Following Controversy

    I worked at CCP on the World of Darkness MMO, specifically on the web portal and social network that was designed to support the game. It's possible something changed since then but the idea that the people I worked with day in and day out on the World of Darkness could be even considered...
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    Flying Buffalo Release Classic City Books in PDF!

    Or you can buy the entire set (plus a few extra books) for less than $21 at Bundle of Holding for the next 4 days...
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    DM's Guild: One Week In - The Best & The Worst

    One thing I'd love to see coming out of this is how much content is worth... such as what does the community feel is an appropriate price point for a background? For an archetype? For a full base class with multiple archetypes? Because right now the pricing seems to be all over the map as...
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    D&D 2E 2e Complete Books Conversions

    These are amazing work! Thank you and I sincerely hope you do more of the books from the series!