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    Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]

    As one of the few MtG settings I'm both familiar with and like, this has me excited.
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    Go To Infinity And Beyond With Infinity RPG From Modiphius

    In addition to being agents of 0-12 (and this will be more true once other books come out) you can run the game as a company of mercenaries, or if everyone is from the same planet/faction, you can run it as a spec op squad for a military. There are also big corporations in the human sphere, so...
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    The Goblin - Pathfinder 2's Newest Ancestry!

    in the original article on paizo's blog, they list it right with the bonuses. "It includes the base goblin ability boosts (Dexterity and Charisma), ability flaw (Wisdom),"
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    The Goblin - Pathfinder 2's Newest Ancestry!

    It just means they have a -2 Wis stat adjustment.
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    Why Didn't Harry Potter Change the Game?

    I guess I'm not surprised considering the death like grip Rowling has on her IP. People making their own stories in her sandbox? How dare they. It's her IP, so it's her right I guess, but damn, even the Tolkien estate isn't that bad.
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    D&D 5E Question about Wizards

    There is no restriction in 5e on what spells a wizard can learn. All arcane traditions do is make it easier/cheaper to get your school's spells, and make those spells more potent.
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    What Are Your Unique Items?

    Some restrained ideas, but flavorful I think. -Platinum Fang: +2 Longsword – When a paladin attuned to this sword uses his divine smite, he may gain the extra damage that is normally gained from attacking undead and fiends, to dragons. Attunement required. -Abjurer’s Bracers: Your AC is...
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    WotC's Chris Perkins Talks About... Everything! Upcoming Storylines, Products, Staffing, Other World

    Really interested to see what Pendleton Ward will bring to the table as a consultant.