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    Level Up (A5E) Ordering Level Up

    Hello all. May I please have the link for pre-ordering the hardcover books? I unfortunately missed the kickstarter, but am very interested. Thank you! ET
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    RPGNow Is Being Retired

    Same store, different storefront, different focus...
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    RPGNow Is Being Retired

    Wow. This really saddens me. I went primarily to RPGnow as I enjoyed the Indy focus, while still showing some of the more popular products. My fear would be that these products will get lost underfoot of the big dogs in the industry. I hope that Drivethru maintains a Indy feed on the store...
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    It's that time of year again! Nominate Your Most Anticipated Games of 2019

    If only we had a direct line of communication to the WOIN mastermind and creator to plead our case... ;) He is such a mysterious and shadowy recluse, who knows if he will ever see these comments... :) ET
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    It's that time of year again! Nominate Your Most Anticipated Games of 2019

    The top of my list is the Dune RPG by Modiphius. The rest are in no particular order: John Carter of Mars Demon City Chronicles of the Future Earth Cypher System 2nd Edition Exalted: Dragon Blooded WOIN: Babylon 5 (Oh wait that last one is merely a personal fantasy. But if it became reality...
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    Two New Settings For D&D This Year

    I wish WOTC would just get over it and create a FRCS guidebook. I get their approach... don't need a million splats to follow-up. But a really good meaty FRCS - the 5e version of the 3e version... I don't think they arre aware of how well that puppy would sell. The Sword coast guide was...
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    N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game Is Here!

    So the inevitable question... when is it going to be ready for POD? :cool:
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    Here Are Your Official Top 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs Of 2018

    I found this years poll very interesting. I made several selections, and not one made the top ten lis!. I am not sure what that says about my rpg tastes. I am wondering if I am moving in a different direction than most of the rpg fan base these days. Still, I found it quite stunning. ET
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    Flash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!

    I sure wish this was NEW, 5e, or Stars without Number. Just not a Savage Worlds guy. I love Flash Gordon...
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    Thoughts on NEW

    Don't worry about it man. Think of it this way... There are now gamers out there who like your game, and those that don't. And it is generating discussion and will likely lead to praise and to rants. If anything, that fact means that made it in the RPG world more than anything else. Gamers...
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    Star Trek Adventures: Now that the full rules are out, what do you think?

    This. So this. I might ask that the Modiphius folks really read through this thread, becasue this is the 2D20 Rosetta stone. Let me start by sayign that I am a big fan of Modiphius. Love their products. Love their art. Love the quality of the product. Love the passion they bring. When...
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    Thoughts on NEW

    Hello all, If you are a NEW fan or a WOIN fan, please check out the following link and throw some thoughts out there as to why you like WOIN and why the system works for you. Don't mean to redirect to another site, but it is...
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    N.O.W. Release date?

    Hello, Eagerly anticipating NOW. Any line of sight on when it will be released? Also, any future plans for any other large sourcebooks? Love both NEW and OLD! ET
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    Congratulations to the 2017 ENnie Award Nominees!

    A great list this year, like every year! There were a few surprises for me this year. I was really glad to see Timewatch on the list. That is such a gem. I was also really surprised to see that Coriolis didn't make the Interior Art list, as it is one of the most beautiful RPG books I...
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    Check out the cover for N.O.W.!

    Breathless with anticipation! ET
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    STAR TREK ADVENTURES Public Playtest Launches

    I wish this had kickstarted.... I would be mega in on this...
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    STAR TREK ADVENTURES Public Playtest Launches

    I simply can't wait for this RPG. ET