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    Core Handbook Errors Discussion

    containing strike Steel grace (under Swordmaster path features) refers to "Containing strike", but I don't see that power. Though I could have missed it.
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    I also have the books [merged] (info on upcomming Power sources and more)

    4/2 complexity 1 6/3 complexity 2 8/4 complexity 3 10/5 complexity 4 12/6 complexity 5 For completing a skill challenge, the party gets the lvls xp times the complexity (so complexity 5 is like a solo monster). For DC's you are refered to a table, which goes like: level Easy...
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    Total Powers Known?

    You can also upgrade powers by replacing them with new higher level powers at specific levels. 13, 17, 23 and 27 for encounter powers, and 15 19, 25 and 29 for daily powers.
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    Total Powers Known?

    At 30th level, a wizard would know at least 32 spells and 13 rituals. 4 cantrips, 2 at-will, 8 daily and 14 utility, although a wizard could only prepare 1/2 their daily and utility spells. The expanded spellbook feat would make it 36 with 12 daily. Any racial powers are additional. Encounter...
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    Skill Challenges: Is "harder" really harder?

    While this is true, as the DC sets most of the difficulty. This is not true. Requring more successes even while keeping the ratio of successes to failures the same, does make it more difficulty in that a lucky roles are less likely to succeed (since you need more of them). If you have a simple...
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    Skill Challenges: Is "harder" really harder?

    Yeah, your analysis isn't correct. The probability of getting 8 successes before 4 failures is worse than the probability of getting 4 successes before 2 failures. To figure this out, you find the probability (from the negative binomial distribution) of having 8 successes and 4 failures, plus...
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    Thinking about the sub-classes

    I'm not sure how much it matters either :), but making sure all the defenses are covered is a nice design constraint. Order does matter, BTW for builds. A brawny rogue cares about dex then str, then cha. while a trickster rogue cares about dex then cha then str. But, again assuming this is a...
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    Thinking about the sub-classes

    This is a key point; easier to balance different class/builds when their key attributes are defenses. Using this as a starting point, there are 8 different possible triads Str, Dex, Cha Str, Dex, Wis Str, Int, Cha Str, Int, Wis Con, Dex, Cha Con, Dex, Wis Con, Int, Cha Con, Int, Wis Order...
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    Any info on the following...

    Check out the Cleric for a Turn Undead power Turn undead is per encounter, a burst effect that does damage, moves the undead and immobilizes them temporarily.
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    Rogues get 5/level

    Hmmm, good points, and its weird. Its hard to imagine the fighter getting anything other than +6/level if 120 hps for 15th level is correct. Unless, everyone gets 12+con at first level, and the fighter had Con 10, then +7/level would work. However, 12+con for everyone and a fighter with Con 10...