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    Some PC designs bouncing in my head...

    The pact boon is soooo much for just a feat. Since with the pact boon, you also qualify for conditional powers. Some powers have an indented portion at the bottom that alters what it does if you have a specific pact. If you take the feat to become Infernally pacted, then you also qualify for...
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    D&D 4E Brainstorming 4E characters

    Honestly, part of it might be the non-DDI part. The CB makes it a breeze to try new things, to swap parts on a character to see what you like. Doing it by hand has its own rewards, I would agree, but takes much longer. Jay
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    D&D 4E 4E Followers and Mercenaries

    I think the hesitation is a balance or time in the spotlight issue. If the characters are all gaining followers or similar things that ceases to be much of a problem. Similarly, if you know your players would not care, not a problem. Charge them the 4e equivalent of a homebrewed Leadership...
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    Is Insight a Magical Ability?

    I am reminded of a Tom Clancy (I think) book, where he describes a secret russian town where spies learned to be American. Captured American servicemen served as instructors, and the spies basically lived a bizarro American life trying to perfect their ultimate bluff. Only there were a couple...
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    Items of "Holding"

    Or just make it a property of the bag of holding that the neck stretches (within reason) to accomodate the user. Jay
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    Swordmage: Help grasping the concept, please

    I played in a campaign with a Fighter, Paladin, and Swordmage (I was the paladin). Honestly, the Fighter was the best defender, the Paladin was a pretty nice off-striker, and the swordmage. . . He didn't do much, really. One thing I do remember is him pulling an enemy out of a window with...
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    Astral Seal = The Most Broken Ability

    The value of Astral Seal is proportional to the tactical ability of the players. If your party Cleric throws it out, but is immediately followed by the party Sorcerer (who hits *everyone*), then the Fighter never sees a lick of that healing, and it is all overheal. Some groups take a dim view...
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    Can you miss on purpose?

    If that was what this thread was about, sure, I'd agree with you. It isn't. It is a *rules* question about a player trying to wring the most out of his feat. And I tried to come at it from a fluff or a gameplay side. At its core, the problem is that a player took a very powerful feat that has...
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    Can you miss on purpose?

    Several definitions, courtesy of Google: I oppose using real-world situations in D&D most of the time, but in this case the distinction is clear. You are a peace loving cleric, and doing harm to someone already in destress violates that part of your nature. I don't think coddling a Player who...
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    Can you miss on purpose?

    Everything after the OP is a blur to me. I saw Pacifist Cleric and Spiritual Weapon on the same character, and none of the rest of the arguments even mattered. Pacifist Cleric. Spiritual Weapon. Doesn't even make sense. Not on a mechanics level, don't get me wrong. It's like MADD handing...
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    New character for a new player

    My two bits: It is important when you start not to get bogged down with the minute details of character building and optimization. D&D is relatively easy. Especially 4e. Especially when compared to WoW. The basic concept, roll some dice, add up the numbers, and subtract them from the bad...
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    Items of "Holding"

    Those are 3.5isms, all of them. 3.5 had Types I-V of bags that held different amounts, as well as the Handy Haversack and the Quiver of Elhonna and I'm sure a dozen other things. It also had the provisions about extradimentional and nondimentional spaces. I don't think 4e has any such...
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    D&D 4E Brainstorming 4E characters

    Many of the 3.5 characters I built were gimmicks, proof of concepts, or planned out characters I played. 3.5 and PrC's pretty much required you know where you were going from 1st level. Buying the right skill ranks and feats, or level dipping, was part of getting into the PrC you needed, and...
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    How to make poi-poi as weapons?

    Prolly not PP, if anything more weapons will appear in AV3. It doesn't seem like the poi-poi would do enough damage by itself to qualify as a weapon. I'd go with using it as an implement. Ki Focus (as mentioned) is a good one. It is not the physical effect of being hit that hurts, it is...
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    Do you think I could win?

    Without like, details, I'd say whoever wins initiative. 5th level is a good one for both wizards and druids. Could go either way. Jay
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    Dual Implement Spellcaster and Staff Fighting

    Do you even need staff fighting for this? I'm not sure how to take this RAW, and character builder seems to think you get it (though I know it is no reliable source). Jay
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    High Jump and attack

    Something similar with our group happened. The Gnome needed to be a little closer to hit the flying enemy, but could never make the check required. So the Swordmage threw him. Sadly, he missed the attack roll, but he had a magic item to help with the falling damage. Good times. Jay
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    Is a fighter-ranger hybrid dumb? (help me build)

    Aragon-esque sword and bow masters are not all fighter\ranger hybrids. You could do this with a straight Ranger, or with a Warlord (and Warlord would fit Aragorn's regal nature). One thing about 4e that is tough to swallow is that fighters are not the only *fighters*, and rangers are no...
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    D&D 4E Looking for 4e Pregens.

    Try Jay
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    D&D 4E Celebrating Our New 4e Forum!

    I wonder if this has to do with the OVER 9000 polls about 4e in the General forum. I'm only bummed because I'm not sure where to post General stuff about my 4e game now. Jay