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    OD&D BECMI - Basic/Expert: what happens if you try to cast Charm on an enemy that has already been charmed by the BBEG?

    Thank you so much, I too was looking into the Rules Cyclopedia but I didn't find anything. Thank you so much!
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    OD&D BECMI - Basic/Expert: what happens if you try to cast Charm on an enemy that has already been charmed by the BBEG?

    Hi everybody, pretty much what the thread title says: in BECMI, acoording to the Rules as Written, what happens if a PC cast a Charm Spell on a creature that is already under a Charm Spell cast by a higher level wizard, namely the main villain of the adventure? Is rhere any clear rule about...
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    Pathfinder 2E Golarion related Epic Fiction or Novels (similar to Dragonlance or The Lord of the Rings in tones)?

    Hi everybody, I'd like to know more and better, and fall in love, with Golarion setting, mainly through novels and fiction. I know that there are several novels and comic books also, but is there an epic saga, similar to Dragonlance or The Lord of the Rings?I'm particular interested in...
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    List of potential post-OGL 5E replacement RPGs

    Level Up! Is absolutely great!
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    What Licensed RPG Do You Wish Existed But Doesn't?

    Terry Brooks' Shannara series!
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    Pathfinder 2E Is there an Errata PDF for Pathfinder 2e?

    Hi everybody, pretty much what the title says: is there any official pdf of the errata of Pathfinder 2e? I can't find one. Many thanks, happy life and happy gaming!
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    other literary RPGs?

    There's an Italian 5e version of Norse Mythology, I think, called "Ragnarok" or "Journey to Ragnarok", If I'm not wrong. There were back in the old days two excellent supplements, one for Rolemaster and the other one for Gurps, about Robin Hood. Now on there should be a...
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    other literary RPGs?

    About Conan there were a TSR Conan specific rpg, with also some adventures, and TSR published, IIRC, a couple of AD&D 1ed adventures featuring Conan and his companions, set in the Hyborian World. There's also a GURPS 3ed supplement dedicated to Conan. Modiphus some years ago published a rpg...
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    What could OneD&D to bring YOU back to D&D? (+)

    Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is still one of my favourite game systems, together with a bunch of other systems, but in my personal top chart it has lost the pole position, so to speak. Here is my initial wish list for One D&D: I'd like a more refined and detailed Skill System, and Proficiency...
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    Which adventure was your first? Ever itch to play/DM it again?

    The first Adventure I played, as a player, was the AD&D 1e Temple of Elemental Evil, and the first adventure I ran as a DM was the Keep on the Borderlands. While I've no particular desire to play/run those adventures again, I'd like to run old school adventures like "Treasure Hunt", "Rahasia!"...
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    Level Up (A5E) Healer Cleric: no Preserve Life - like Channel Divinity Feature?

    @Morrus Hi, I noticed that the Healer Cleric doesn't have a Channel Divinity Feature similar to Preserve Life of O5e, if I'm not wrong. On one part it is one of the features I like less (of O5e (it makes no sense to me: "My deity doesn't allow to heal you: you're not wounded enough!" I would...
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    Level Up (A5E) Random LU Feedback

    I completely agree with this: i didn't like a similar feature of the Battlemaster Archetype in O5e, and Seize Up is even more powerful and broken, to me in a sense. By the way, I'm really enjoying A5e so far, so much better in overall game design than O5e!
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    Level Up (A5E) Marshal's Miraculous Protector: how does it work?

    Hi, I'm skimming through the classes of the (excellent) Adventurer's Guide, and I've stumbled upon the Marshal's Miraculous Protector Class Feature; I'm wondering how does it work, if the Marshal isn't adiacent to the character he/she wants to take the damage of. Does the Marshal "miraculously"...
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    Level Up (A5E) Medicinal Salve and Hit Dice

    If I understood it correctly, when you use medicinal salve on yourself or an ally during a short rest, the recipient character can heal 1 Bonus Hit Die (p.327, AG). If he/she is a multiclassing character, say a Fighter/Rogue, that has used 1d10, as a Fighter and 1d8 as a Rogue, as Hit Dice to...
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    Pathfinder 2E Champion's Deity's Domain Class Feat and Focus Points

    If I understood it correctly, a Good Aligned Champion gets 1 Devotion Spell (Lay on Hands) and 1 Focus Point during character creation. If and when a Champion gets the 1st level Class Feat Deity's domain, does she/he gets another Focus Points, together with the domain's initial spell (as a...
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    Level Up (A5E) Level Up! Advanced Fifth Edition Pocket Edition Books? Are there any chances?

    @Morrus: HI, I just bought via Bundle of Holding the main PDFs of Level Up!, and so far I really enjoy what I'm reading. I have just skimmed through the pdfs, but overall the general layout of the game seems to be better and more consistent, IMHO, than O5e, or at least it better suits to my...
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    Pathfinder 2E Trip quadrupedal creatures: are there any penalties?

    Hi everybdy, using RAW are there any penalties in PF2when characters try to trip quadrupedal creatures such as wolves, tigers or the like? Many thanks!