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    TSR Rob Kuntz Recounts The Origins Of D&D

    This article and discussion reminds me of the development of Monopoly: Monopoly (game) - Wikipedia It must have been fascinating to be involved in the developmental years of D&D.
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    Pathfinder 2E Paizo Previews Hobgoblin Ancestry

    Feels familiar:
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Jonathan Tweet: My Life with the Open Gaming License

    Omega World remains one of my favorite games. I have a subscription print copy, a retail print copy, and the pdf. I would run or play it at the drop of a hat.
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    Simply6 Simply6 Light RPG Now On Amazon

    Ordered. Thanks.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Jonathan Tweet: Prologue to Third Edition

    Me, too. Thanks. Looking forward to it.
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Jonathan Tweet: Prologue to Third Edition

    Omega World I would like to hear more about Jonathon Tweets Omega World, which I think is one of the best d20 games.
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    Taking nominations for best RPG Podcasts of 2018!

    Also, Fear the Boot for all the Years: And Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff for the awesomeness:
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    Taking nominations for best RPG Podcasts of 2018!

    Fun new podcast by a good GM and nice guy, Gaming with Gage:
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    An Army in the Dungeon

    Over the past 4 decades, I find it comes down to play style. I think D&D, in particular, benefits from ranks of "expendables" or "cannon fodder", especially with DMs & players that play truer to its wargaming roots of tactics & strategy. Storytelling & power gaming (to which I lean more)...
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    Ways to Reward Your D&D Players

    Give a player a players handbook. I got 2 today for that purpose. And I labeled each to prevent confusion.
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    It's FREE RPG DAY, So Head To Your Local Game Store Today!

    It’s free to the consumer. Retailers PAY for it. I rode 1 hour each way to my fNlgs (favorite NON local game store) for it. I was 6 hours too late for the swag I really wanted, but I got something. And I traded a tub of old stuff for new, including a sword and a cool game for my son. Plus, I...
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    RPG Sales of 2015 Pinnacle’s Holiday Sale Starts Now! PEG Sale 2015As most of you know, Pinnacle VERY rarely has sales, but it’s time to clear some space for all the new stuff coming in 2016 and that means great deals for YOU! You’ll find deep...
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    D&D 5E Have you played or DMed a single-race campaign? What was it like?

    I played in an all-dwarf game. It was cool to have the common element, but the game was very brief due to the DM quitting. I've also run games with all one class (D&D derivatives), and I think it works very well. I am trying to get another such game going now. I think anything that gets...
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    Sean's Picks of the Week (0316-0320) - Shotguns v. Cthulhu, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, +More!

    Shotguns v. Cthulhu is a good read. I've re-read a few of the stories several times.
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    7 Podcasts to Up Your Role-playing Games

    +1 for Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff & +1 for Fear the Boot
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    Ernest Gary Gygax (July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008)

    Too right! I met him at GenCon 2002, and we had a nice conversation. That's a good memory.
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    Remembering STAR TREK Roleplaying Games

    I had much fun designing & running Savage Worlds Star Trek Heroclix Tactics. My idea was to integrate Savage Worlds (SW) and Star Trek Heroclix Tactics (ST) with SW characters, especially the heroes, commanding ST ships. Wild cards could affect ship-to-ship combat in simple but dramatic ways...
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    Savage Lankhmar!

    Cool! Thanks for sharing.