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    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Basically met Rowena from Supernatural
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    D&D General Tyrannosaurs were pack hunters. Stay away from the Isle of Dread.

    I remember seeing a Tyrannosaurus rex fossil at the Toronto Museum a few years ago. I mirror your sentiment, those things were huge!
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    What are you running right now?

    I am running a second edition campaign in the savage frontier of forgotten realms. Our group is loving the retro feel of the older rules as well as the less rushed advancement of characters. Since I have people who got into the game before first edition started I have been using a lot of the old...
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    Sticking with the wrong group for longer than you should.

    My suggestion to anybody will always be to step away from the group if they are a bad fit for you. I have run across plenty of people who were not compatible with me as far as gaming goes, but the one time I tried to stick it out I kept getting more and more frustrated as time went on and...
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    D&D 5E What Single Thing Would You Eliminate

    WotC. I enjoyed the TSR editions and have seen the game stray further from what I enjoy with each new WotC edition. Though on the plus side - I own all the 2nd edition books I want, so the game very inexpensive for me I can only complain so much. 😎
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    D&D General What published module have you run or played the most?

    That would easily be U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. S1 Tomb Of Horrors would be 2nd place
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    D&D General What Have You Liked Most About Each Edition (+)

    1st: it got game out there and created this hobby. 2nd: EVERYTHING! 3rd and beyond: have saved me a lot of money. 😎
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    D&D General How often (on average) do you have D&D sessions with absolutely no combat?

    Never - one of players specifically games because he likes combat- so there will be some every session to make the game enjoyable for him.
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    D&D General How old were you when you started playing D&D?

    I was just shy of 10 years old, it was way back in 1981 when the first Redbox set came out. To this day my mother still regrets getting it for me. 😎 Eric
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    Satanic Panic of the late 80's

    I remember my mom telling me about Mazes And Monsters. She heard it was a TV show D&D, she had no clue it was propaganda against D&D, and just thought it would be something I would find cool to watch.
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    D&D General Do you allow "crossplaying" at your table? Has it ever caused problems?

    Our group has been together for about 20 years, and we have always been "Play whatever you want." I am a man who 99% of the time plays female characters. Not sure why, but whenever I make male characters I end up making The Punisher...every...single...time. (Even when I try not to, it still...
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    D&D 1E Edition Experience: Did/Do you Play 1E AD&D? How Was/Is It?

    For the 1st 10 years I played D&D you had D&D and AD&D - it wasn't called 1st edition back then. I loved it, played it every chance I could and avoided all other RPG's. I would never go back to 1st however (running it anyways, I would play if someone offered to run). 2nd is my favorite...
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    D&D General Taking the "Dungeons" out of D&D

    I have never made liberal use of dungeons in my fantasy games. I use them in about a third of the time when I am GM'ing. While they can be fun now and then, having the character's isolated for so long from other non-hostile people limits role playing options. And, I love the epic feel of...
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    Where Do You Go Online to Waste Time about Gaming?

    Crafting channels on youtube. Black Magic Craft, Tabletop Witchcraft, Wyloch's Armory, Bard's Craft, etc. - they inspire me to make cool things for my games. Eric
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    Anyone here play the 2d20 Conan game by Modiphius Entertainment?

    I have zero experience with it personally, but since no one else has given you any feedback on the game, I will mention that Seth Skorkowski over on youtube did several videos on the game. They might shed some light on it for you. Eric
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    Why are sci-fi scenarios so thin on the ground?

    D&D was the first RPG, and for many years it was so prominent it might as well have been the only game out there. After 11 years in the hobby, it took everyone I gamed with to drag me into another game kicking and screaming.
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    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    Savage Worlds - using custom Savaged settings for Cyberpunk and OT Star Wars.
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    What's the most expensive RPG product you've bought?

    Why can't I count my house? 90% of the reason I moved was because my gaming hobby had outgrown my prior home. :P Eric
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    WFRP's Death on the Reik Out In PDF

    I ran the Enemy Within campaign back in 90's. I can say that this campaign is the best pre-written campaign I have ever come a wide margin.
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    How long does your TTRPG gaming sessions usually last?

    We usually play from 2PM until 8 or 9 PM on Sundays. Now back in the 90's our game sessions lasted the whole weekend...with 4 hour naps each early morning. Those were the days. Eric