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    Legends & Lore 3/12

    Oops. Meant to comment on a post, not reply to the thread. Disregard.
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    Messina a fantasy webcomic

    Hehe. Well it isn't D&D, or even Fantasy related, so I didn't link it here. Also I didn't want to make it look like I was pimping my own comic in someone else's comic thread. Hehe. Link's in my profile now. It's a photo based comic using some of my wife's amigurumi (crocheted characters.) I'm...
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    Messina a fantasy webcomic

    As a webcomic creator who's started one around the same time as you, and who has been running with a large webcomics crew for the past year or so I'll offer the one bit of criticism I feel authorized to make. Decide on an update schedule and stick to it. If your readers don't know when to come...
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    Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's. (merged)

    Late Tuesday evening I felt an overwhelming need to create my own tribute to Gary. He had a pivotal role, through the part he played in creating Dungeons and Dragons, in my surviving adolescence. I'd not be the responsible, mature, and grounded person I am today without what he's given me in...
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    Theoretical Moster EXP values?

    Above has been edited to list monsters whose XP values have been confirmed via message board postings. They seem to fit nicely into my XP value theories so far, with the exception of Elites.
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    Theoretical Moster EXP values?

    Since some stats have been coming out I've taken down notes regarding the confirmed EXP values of standard creatures of varying levels. I've noticed a pattern and believe this to represent, at least closely, what EXP values are for monsters. For reference, we've seen posted here on these...