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    Share your evil DM VTT tricks

    Tiles is good one to use in your preferred art program make that secret door disappear by repeating the wall pattern over it and drop that tile over the door in the vtt so when they do find it you can hide the tile and see the secret passage. This way they can meta game based on your map. You...
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    Roll20 now has an openable door function

    It’s kind of crappy that after all this time they haven’t really done any updating to roll20 and having doors is a new feature speaks volumes on how behind they are
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    D&D 5E 5e DM Screen w/ Old School Art?

    This is also a good option some have magnet accessories
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    D&D General Ever overhear someone talking about D&D outside of a gameshop/con/etc?

    I over heard some kids in there early teens a couple of people in front of me in line for Star Wars ride in Disney. The one girl was telling the others about so cool thing there DM did. It was great to see a new generation of players
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    OneD&D and Beyond20

    ok cool :)
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    OneD&D and Beyond20

    Just out of curiousity what are the ethicial issues you are talking about. It only access the things that you purchased its not giving access to everthing mostly just dice rolls
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    OneD&D and Beyond20

    All good points, besides Gleemax there was another online tool set they tried to get some other company that fell through as well. I forgot the name of it but it didnt get very far before they dropped it.
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    OneD&D and Beyond20

    I image your hypothisis will come true but I know they invested a lot in DM's Guild and there looking to bridge content with OBS and Roll20 so those contracts are in place. It could get backlash as people really love using DMS Guild and thats been really sucssesful for them and they dont want...
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    OneD&D and Beyond20

    I just meant that if you dont own the content or its not shared then it should be fine. So hopefully there is no reason to block something like that extnetion or anything else that uses DDB API's
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    OneD&D and Beyond20

    And its safe to use since it only allows you to work with the content you paid for not anything more.
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    OneD&D and Beyond20

    Beyond 20 works with other vtt‘s as well im Also curious how that plays out
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    OD&D [Korean D&D] Any Korean speakers here? Questions about TSR-licensed Legend of Crystania and other Korean D&D products

    If you use Microsoft onenote and there browser plug-in you can capture the whole page as an image right click it to extract text. If the article feature doesn’t grab the text for you. There are a couple of option when using the browser extension
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    Getting back into the hobby. Need help with digital solutions

    Looking on there site for roll20 not sure if you need a paid subscription or if the free will work. It is recommend if you can access it to use chrome on your iPad for better support I’m connected to a game where the dm pays for a subscription so it lets me use it so I can’t verify.
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    Getting back into the hobby. Need help with digital solutions

    Roll20 will work on an iPad if you have a paid subcription. is also free and works on an ipad and iphone. As for you pc connected to the tv there’s a chrome plug in that allows you to connect most vtt to dndbeyond. It’s called beyond20 i like foundry but its not designed to...
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    How Relevant is Gencon (or Any Con)?

    It worth going to, if its too large work you way up to it. Start with Origins Game Fair then GenCon. There a ton of fun!
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    How Relevant is Gencon (or Any Con)?

    yea you can see and buy stuff on the internet but I think the point is to actually be physically with other likeminded people. Talk to the people that create the games we love to play, learn about there new games ask question on some of the games where rules can be vague. Sit with strangers...
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    Running session from an Ipad

    I bet you can create separate Notebook in OneNote just for that days game prep you will have the tabs view on the side and when your done you can just drag your notes into your larger notebook and start fresh each time
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    Store owner complains about Kickstarter and Twitter and D&D

    I have seen Kickstarter with retailer backer tiers. They offer a discount to them and you have to prove your a retailer according to there campaigns
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    I just threw away 100+ RPG books

    There are places like noble knight that will buy your older books so other people can enjoy them than just throwing it away
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    D&D 1E Research help needed: Does anyone have the physical paper maps from FR6 and FR9?

    I think there is a digital map on DnD core roles 2.0. it might have had a campaign cartographe file on it and a few other maps