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    Dragon Reflections #63

    Oh yeah. While I have all the PDFs on my hard drive, there's no way I'm letting those CDs go. That and my 1st printing of Deities & Demigods. There's probably some other old collectible goods I have, but those two stand out in my memory.
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    Dragon Reflections #63

    Because they didn't do anything to get permission to reprint all the material that TSR didn't own. Self-inflicted trouble.
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    Dragon Reflections #61

    As great as he was, I really liked the ones by Daniel Craig.
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    Dragon Reflections #60

    I love reading these, but I fall behind on the latest ones. In my own attempts to go through the old issues, I'm up to #145. But I skip reviews and don't read every word of every article.
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    Dragon Reflections #59

    I was big into Traveller by the time this issue came out, so I loved the adventure and the fiction.
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    Dragon Reflections #56

    Always thought is was a shame the old SSI Gold Box games didn't allow for bards. If you took a human ranger up to MU spell-casting level and then dual-class as an MU, you got to wear full armor and cast spells eventually. Would have been interesting to see a bard in the game. That said, yeah...
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    Dragon Reflections 54

    I remember playing through "Cavern Quest". Since by that time, I was almost exclusively a DM, I managed to score pretty high… "Abomination" is one of the few pieces of fiction from Dragon I remember reading and enjoying. Most of the adventures I ran were adaptions of published modules, and I...
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    Dragon Reflections #52

    I still have my copy of Thieves' World. But the box is long gone. I originally bought it because it included Traveller! Though I had read some of the books, too. I have an interesting story about the bounty hunters. Like many stories that are interesting, it is also a little embarrassing. I...
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    Dragon Reflections #53

    Didn't realize I'd fallen behind on reading these. Obviously I need to be more consistent about checking. The only time I've played a game like Killer was my freshman year of college. We weren't using the Killer rules and just had a particular dart gun that had to be used. I remember that range...
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    Dragon Reflections #51

    One of my favorite issues. I think I created a Winged Folk character for a campaign that never actually happened. I was already a fan of Traveller, so that set of articles was great to see. Played SftET quite a few times. I recall after I separated the game out of the magazine, I misplaced the...
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    Dragon Reflections #50

    Along with #46 & #48, this was the first issue I bought. The beginning of an unbroken run of purchases, eventually a subscription to it. Lot of memories packed in this and upcoming issues.
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    Dragon Reflections #48

    Well, he starts out as a 21st-level Illusionist and a 20th-level Magic-User, then there are lots of notes about Druid spells he has available, new spells, and changes to magic on Earthsea. This one might be the only GITE that got me to read the book it came from. The only thing I really knew...
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    Dragon Reflections #46

    This was the first issue I ever bought, along with #48 & #50. Fifty was the latest issue and 46 & 48 were the only other issues on the shelf at my FLGS, the now gone Rider's Hobby Shop in Ann Arbor, MI. There are still stores in Flint and Grand Rapids. I remember seeing the shop advertised in...
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    Dragon Reflections #45

    Yikes! Yes, that's it. It looked fine when I was making it, but my copied items queue must have made a substitution. No wonder my computer decided it needed restarting later. Thanks, and edited to change it to the correct link.
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    Dragon Reflections #45

    Finally decided to look up the game on Wikipedia to see what it might have on the game and I am now today years old when I found out that the latest attempt to republish Divine Right was ended by the resignation of the entire design team due to Glenn Rahman's decision to have it published by Vox...
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    Dragon Reflections #45

    I believe my copy of this lacked the cover, yet included the Dungeon Design Kit.
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    Dragon Reflections #44

    I will have to check him out. Thanks!
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    Dragon Reflections #44

    It is to me, but I know I'm much better at discriminating art styles than music. In particular, those horns just scream of his style to me.
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    Dragon Reflections #44

    His next ones are #48 & #56, so it varies. And you have something to look forward to in #49. :cool: Confession: I no longer have physical copies of any Dragon before #251, because I just couldn't justify the room to keep them while having the Dragon Magazine Archive. Still have the disks for...
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    Dragon Reflections #43

    "Many readers will want more material. There is a wealth of commercial and fan material available for fulfilling such needs. Similarly, even the most important material herein can be altered and bent to suit the needs of individual campaigns. Where possible, true guidelines have been laid down...