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    Vaesen Story Hour

    Vaesen, Session 4/Part 2 The investigators poke around Justina's room and establish that she left of her own volition, without even donning her shoes or coat. Arne finds barefooted tracks leading from the inn to the herring saltery, but the entrance is barred by the brothers Amundsson. Gudrun...
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    Vaesen Story Hour

    Vaesen, Session 4/Part 1 Dusk settles over Wrecker Isle. The investigarors attend the Herring Baron's manse for supper. They are met by Lura the maid, who escorts them into the dining room. Zacharias is seated at the head of a long table, along with Godmother Abela and two of the three...
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    Vaesen Story Hour

    Vaesen, Session 3/Part 2 The investigators arrive at Wrecker Isle. The docks are bustling with rowdy fishermen who pay the landlubbers little mind. Oscar points out the Amundsson inn and the huge building that houses the herring saltery. The investigators head for the inn. Erik persuades Oscar...
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    Vaesen Story Hour

    Vaesen, Session 3/Part 1 The investigators return to Upsala to indulge in some downtime and develop their headquarters. Erik begins to alphabetize the castle's extensive library and discovers a secret room filled with records of the Socities' previous encounters with the Vaesen (new HQ feature...
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    Vaesen Story Hour

    Vaesen, Session 2/Part 2 The investigators know Oscar's body is buried beneath the root cellar, but the stable is surrounded by mindless sleepwalkers under the Revenant's control. Gudrun and Arne climb into the hayloft and jump down into the yard. They run toward the root cellar, slipping and...
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    Vaesen Story Hour

    Vaesen, Session 2/Part 1 Screaming wind rattles the walls of the stablehouse, as the Thursday's Children confront the vengeful shade of Oscar Hjort. "Pyrri.... Betrayer.... Murderer!" the spectre intones, advancing on the quaking innkeeper. Sami is overcome with terror and passes out. Gudrun...
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    Vaesen Story Hour

    Vaesen, Session 1/Part 2 Sophia is comatose, mumbling the same four names over and over; "Albert... Katja... Hilda... Pyrri...." Nothing the investigators do can rouse the sleeping woman. Sami enters the attic to investigate the gunshot and finds his unconcious daughter surrounded by strange...
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    Vaesen Story Hour

    Vaesen, Session 1/Part 1 A letter arrives at Castle Gyllencreutz, addressed to the Society. Their decrepit butler Algot Frisk delivers the envelope unto the investigators. They are invited to attend a shadow play titled The Dance of Dreams, at the Witch Cat Inn outside the city. The invitation...
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    Vaesen Story Hour

    Vaesen, Session 0 It is the mid 19th century, and Europe is recovering from the Napoleonic Wars. In the mythic north of Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Sweden & Norway), the tireless march of industrialisation creates a rift between the crowded, smokey cities and the wild, superstitious...
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    WotC Walks Back Some OGL Changes, But Not All

    "We love D&D’s devoted players and the creators who take them on so many incredible adventures. We won’t let you down." This sounds a lot like Nolan Sorento talking utter naughty word in Ready Player One.
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    Paizo Paizo PDF rulebook price increases?

    Anything can be converted to Savage Worlds with enough time and effort, but as someone who has read Iron Gods in its entirety, it would be exceptionally well suited to conversion. I think it's the only AP Paizo have released where you can chop up robots with a magical chainsaw. :D
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    A Review of Eternal Night of Lockwood

    Powered by Zweihander? Hard pass. 👎
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    Stokerverse: A TTRPG Inspired By The Works of Bram Stoker

    You lost me at "StokerVerse". #cringe
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    D&D 5E Sell me on a megadungeon

    If you are looking for a great megadungeon at a discount price, I recommend Gunderholfen by G Hawk. Great dungeon, great town, great surrounding environs, lots of tables, lots going on, awesome price point on Drivethru RPG. I bought it around the same time that I picked up Dwarrowdeep and I'm...
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    Recruitment for Council of Thieves/Savage Worlds PbP

    Hello all. I am running the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, converted from Pathfinder to SWADE, on the Paizo forums; - Online Campaigns - Council of Thieves/Savage Worlds "Don't go out after dark! In the run-down Chelish capital of Westcrown, fallen from grace generations ago by...
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    5e Tomb of Annihilation - OCC

    Hello Meatshield! That was a mighty fine bargain you snagged there! I would also like to join your game, and I don't mind which adventure you decide to run, they all sound pretty good.
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    The Vanguard of Eastening: Sacrifice & Redemption

    Vanguard, Season Two/Episode Two Swift sleds drawn by packs of tireless husky carry the Heroes of Eastening across the snowy plains of Drura. They are joined by an entourage of five elven guardsman, loyal to the late Captain Elanil, now pledged to protect Princess Miazma. To the north, they see...
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    The Vanguard of Eastening: Sacrifice & Redemption

    We picked this campaign back up for a six week run, starting 11/11/2020. Recap of Season 1 After defending the village of Weem's Hollow from various low-level threats, the heroes return to their base in Knightsbridge to turn the tide of an orc raid. The heroes learn the orcs were lead by...
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    D&D General What are you prepping for your next D&D session? (+)

    For my 5e adaption of Splinters of Faith, I am converting/prepping the second half of the Sin Mire from the second module. For my homebrew game, I am prepping a dynamic battle between heroes on dog sleds VS a pack of winter wolves, and also a ruined temple of Vaprak.