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    D&D 4E 4e paladin build

    Hi...I also play a Human Paladin..heh.You should get one more At-Will Power and one more Class Skill as per Human Racial bonuses.Vailant Strike is really nice but is Str based (it'll come in handy when you get seriously surrounded!), while Enfeebling Strike might be kinda nice for your...
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    Player just doing the same thing problem- please help.

    I play in a similar party...I play the reluctant tank paladin (she didn't really want to be the defender, but after the party split, we had no choice), we also have a nasty striking rogue, a "laser happy" cleric who often doesn't do the most ideal heals, a wizard, and recently we teamed up with...
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    I rolled a 20 on my Save vs. Death!

    Happened twice to my Dhalia (human pally)...although I'm eventually going to get the Human Perseverance feat for her JUST for that +1 to Death Saves. Actually, a lot of her character concept depends on natural 20s...she carries a +1 Vicious Great Axe (thus dubbe Lerissa the Blood Oath) for...
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    Who's the Demon Lord of Disease?

    I was actually thinking of doing that with the campaign I'm running. The kids in it all know who the Chaos Gods are....but little would they suspect me slowly slipping them into their D&D campaign... Small clues here and there, etc. I was planning some mass world shattering event in their...
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    Character Personalities, advice/suggestions wanted

    Hehe. One of my favorite characters was named Ran, after the "devil" in tongue of a different race...not to mention he had the mark of "Ran" on the back of his neck. He too also had an Intelligence of 7, and constantly mispronounced just about every name, every racial phrase, and what nots...
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    A DM's S.O.S

    Just remember, you can do a LOT of filler stuff in the kobold and goblins hunting...clearning out rats, snakes, frogs, wolves, zombies, skeletons, etc. just enough to get them to 2nd or 3rd level before you REALLY kick in your campaign goodies.... There are several serious...
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    Who's the Demon Lord of Disease?

    I vote for Nurgle also!
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    "Worthless" Treasure and Magic Items

    I made some random treasure cards to take the place of "art objects". Although most are kinda useless, the PCs have found uses for some, like a juju mask, or a flask of dwarven beer etc. Once I clean it up and add a few things I can post it here, or otherwise, PM me with your e-mail and I'll...
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    How do we make economics that do not limit character concepts?

    Ack, I gave up on the 4e economy and threw it all out... I rough estimated what the party should be getting (based on the treasure parcels), but players are now getting WAY more gold than they should be, especially if they are doing extraordinary things and earn additional rewards by turning...
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    Divine Challenge

    I believe the DC (Divine Challenge) and mark remains as long as you meet the conditions of DC, meaning either remaining adjacent to the target at the end of the turn OR attacking it (via melee or ranged). I don't think you need to sustain the DC with a minor action or what remains...
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    most ridiculous party wipe ever

    Railroading in a slavery scenario, sure, but it could have led to some interesting adventures nevertheless. Gladiator combat comes to mind... Seeking and building allies in the slave compound, and working towards an overthrow and freeing all the other slaves or a "jail break" etc. Even...
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    Need vague prophetic-type references to my PCs

    Hmm, here's a few initial ideas to get the ball rolling... 1. A shining blade striking the heart of darkness 2. Strong and stout forth from his cave to seek and save his lost blood. 3. A guardian after a guardian, abandoned and alone. 4. A stain dark striving to shine through the...
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    What to do next?

    Personally, I like having a lot of "dead" time for the PCs. They "rest" a week in town after their last grand adventure where several characters nearly died... etc. reflecting the emotional aspect of dealing with the stresses of adventuring. Most of my players love the "down" time where they...
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    most ridiculous party wipe ever

    Wow, that probably was THE worst party wipe I had ever heard of. As the GM, I probably would have prevented it or at least give the other PCs several more chances for survival. What happened to the Cleric? I thought he was seperated from the group. If I was a player, I would be rather...
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    Spears not having a range?

    This incarnation of "spear" is probably a heavier melee only version, not one that is meant to be thrown. That's my take on it anyhow. And the Javelin is now the "throwable" version of "spears" etc. Not all spears in ancient times were thrown. Fox
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    D&D 4E Some 3d Terrain for 4e Campaign

    Wow....especially the
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    Thoughts on my House Rules (please reply)

    Concerning Instant Death, why when an attacker rolls 3 1's in a row results in his death? Seems, well, kinda weird. I have had players roll multiple fumbles in a row, losing almost all his weapons etc., but death? The only time I had a 3 1's in a row death was when the PCs were snatching...
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    A diabolical plan has come to fruition!

    Bravo! Quite intricate and wickedly nasty.... Five out of five in my book!
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    A diabolical plan has come to fruition!

    Bravo! Quite intricate and wickedly nasty.... Five out of five in my books!
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    4e with 1 player- and a 10 yr old at that

    Wow, 10 years old eh? I remember when I was in 4th grade, running psuedo-D&D games since we didn't have the rule. We made our own and based our characters off the D&D cartoon an the Disney version of Robin Hood (yes, all the characters were animals!). How magical...heh. For a solo gamer...