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    Two Days Left To Vote For Most Anticipated RPG of 2018!

    For me it's easily Numenera 2 and InvisibleSun. I've become a Monte Cook Games Fanboy.
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    New Releases In Stores This Week : 24th April 2017

    thank you I will absolutely check it out. I was a backer on the kick starter as well. It is a great book for sure.
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    New Releases In Stores This Week : 24th April 2017

    Glad to see Expanded Worlds make the list. I've been on a Cypher System kick for the last year or so.
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    When RPGs Are Included in Kids' Meals

    This is really cool. Glad to see TTRPG's is going mainstream.
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    Gaming at the Kids’ Table: The FirstFable RPG

    Hey have you guys covered No Thank you Evil by Monte Cook Games?
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    Yawning Portal's Disclaimer; Plus New Monsters

    Can't wait to pick up my copy after work today:heh:
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    Official D&D Character Sheets Coming In June

    I'll pass on this one, but I can see the appeal for newer players.
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    Yawning Portal's Disclaimer; Plus New Monsters

    Cant wait to pick up my copy after work.
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    "Dust" and "Midway" - Codenames for Upcoming D&D Hardcovers

    Dark Sun would be awesome, but I doubt that WOTC would change there direction now. It's Forgotten Realms with about a page worth of information on how to convert the adventure to other settings LOL.
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    Profile Picture

    Hey Morrus, It's not important at all. I was just asking because I didn't know how to get one. It wasn't meant as an insult but a joke.
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    Cypher System Rulebook

    5 out of 5 rating for Cypher System Rulebook Another wonderfully illustrated and well organized book by Monte Cook Games. Cypher System is one of my personal favorites for ease of use and yet it has some complexity to it. If you like Numenera and the Strange you will love Cypher System.
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    Profile Picture

    Wow didn't know I was going to get shaken down the first day I sign up for a site. Internet Gangsters strike again lol
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    Starfinder STARFINDER Minis & Starship Combat Demo

    I must say starfinder is looking more and more interesting.
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    Profile Picture

    Thank you
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    I can't seem to find it either lol
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    Profile Picture

    Does anyone know how I add a profile Picture?
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    Bruce Cordell Interview for The Strange Boxed Set

    That's the beauty of the Cypher System. Its simplicity and ease of gameplay makes it the perfect system to run on the fly with little to no prep. It has quickly become my goto system for on the spot RP sessions.
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    The Strange Corebook

    5 out of 5 rating for The Strange Corebook Just like Numenera Before it another beautifully illustrated and well organized book. The setting is great for pretty much trying different genres and playstyles. Then again I love the Cypher System for pretty much everything.
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    Critical Role Critical Role's Matt Mercer On Civility

    Sad that this even has to be a discussion. Treat people the way you want to be treated should be the rule of the land. Wishful thinking I guess.