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  1. damiller

    D&D General When is the last time you DMed a game?

    every friday and saturday night for the last 4 months. Now its just every saturday for like the last 10 years.
  2. damiller

    D&D Movie/TV Watch This Honor Among Thieves Clip (With a Cameo from the D&D Cartoon Adventurers!)

    im so proud of the fact that I knew that was a displacer beast, and I haven't played D&D in decades!!!
  3. damiller

    What if We Got Rid of Character Creation?

    You can already, its called writing a book! Enjoy! I realized while I had stepped away that when I got back into gaming with the 1st Edition of Star Wars Smugglers of Naboo. This is basically what I did. I've run that adventure like 12 times by now, and I loved to see how each set of players...
  4. damiller

    What if We Got Rid of Character Creation?

    I think it could be cool to start a campaign with premade characters, that the players customize through play. That was the thing I really liked about FFG Starwars "Starter sets" (really any starter set). I've just never implemented it. But I think I might for my next campaign. I'll make sure...
  5. damiller

    What first in your TTRPGing - Story, Game or Character?

    As a GM I start with the game. If I dont' like the rules (and by extension the setting those rules come with) it'll never get to my table. Then I come up with a Story (or focus, also called a campaign). After that I'll pitch it to potential players asking them if they want to play this Game...
  6. damiller

    How to deal with a "true roleplayer".

    I had a star trek game with an established group. new player showed up. He was given a antagonistic NPC to run. He was unsure. But we all got together an encouraged him to be a pain in the neck. The TABLE loved it. Because we all got to say "yes" to the "this is how I want to roleplay". This...
  7. damiller

    How to deal with a "true roleplayer".

    I've struggled with it frankly: how to let prospective players know about the game. And finally I decided why not write it like a personal ads used to be written: looking for a tall, brunette who loves the beach and talking about their 12th level half orc mage bardbarian. And as silly as it...
  8. damiller

    How to deal with a "true roleplayer".

    I finally learned that I am either ok or not ok with "x" behavior in the games I run (i only GM). If I am not ok with the behavior I take some time to determine HOW un ok I am with the behavior. Can I do something different so the behavior doesn't bother me as much? If I can't. I am not having a...
  9. damiller

    How long on average are your game sessions?

    I play exclusively online as well and have found that 3 hours is too much of a drain. I end up with something more like 2 1/2, maybe. I had always wondered why then when the pandemic hit, and people were working remotely. I heard and read about how draining zoom calls were, and it helped me...
  10. damiller

    D&D General DMing Hard Stop

    i'd never have thought about PLAYER burnout. But yea, I can see that being a thing, and not the being burnt out on the game. As I think about what I would hope to do in this situation, and what I have done in this situation, I'd check with myself first to see HOW un-ok I was with this (and...
  11. damiller

    What Podcasts are you listening too? The Golden Age of Podcasting Edition

    The Cromcast (conan podcast) Fly on the Wall (SNL podcast) iFanboy (comic book podcast)
  12. damiller

    Tell Me About Your Favorite Mechanics

    For me its Champions Now: I like the way "rounds" are handled in combat. Its segmented, and your speed determines how often in a round you will go. I like that powers cost. You can't just throw your most powerful power all the time.
  13. damiller

    D&D General Creativity?

    I am running a Super Hero 5e game at the moment and outside of combat I have them use their abilities like Fate Aspects. If they can convince me that Power "x" could do that, I generally allow it with a power roll. Even in combat I will often say "yes" to this kind of thing.
  14. damiller

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    The League of Extraordinary Munchausen
  15. damiller

    The OGL 1.1 is not an Open License

    wrong thread sorry
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    D&D General What are you running?

    On Fridays I run a superhero game. It started with S5E a 5e based set of rules for supers. So far so good. I've borrowed game structure elements from Adventures in Middle Earth and Mouseguard (the GM phase and the Player Phase). Its been really cool to have a Super Hero and Alter Ego parts of a...
  17. damiller

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Mook fireballed, shot the rest
  18. damiller

    Three Cheers For Content Moderation!!!

    i oppose creases in all cases!! crease de résistance!!!
  19. damiller

    How do you pronunce "grognard"?

    I've always pronounced it (spelling it phonetically mind you) grow-nard(s). Maybe thats why when I say it people wonder what I am trying to say.
  20. damiller

    Three Cheers For Content Moderation!!!

    I totally forgot about this cartoon. BUT it is basically where I got my stance from, I am sure I saw it a couple of months ago, and I thought, that is an argument I can get behind, because I really think the whole "cancel culture" thing is garbage. Thank you for linking to that, I am saving it...