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    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 E, older D&D and Pathfinder. What do D&D vets think of pathfinder

    Love these threads... Played since late summer of '87. Basic D&D from Red to Gold box 2nd Ed 3.x 4.x I won't go on about Basic since it's exactly that. 2e - I played it enough that combat got old. It fits (probably established) my idea of what a fantasy RPG should be and reinforced what I...
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    Help! Trying to hook the seemingly unhookable.

    Yeah, I was going to mention that some people just don't dig it. And speaking of metal and fantasy, The Sword FTW!
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    Help! Trying to hook the seemingly unhookable.

    Hey, Kind of a tough one to reply to, but try thinking back to what hooked you on gaming way back when. I'm guessing you're somewhat like me and were always drawn to the whole fantasy genre, but since that's not the case with Drumstix it might not apply. Maybe go for some over the top...
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    D&D 5E What direction should 5th edition take?

    I like that 2e was powered by imagination and guidelines (you could play with just some characters and dice). I like that 3e gave us more options and brought in more balance (to a point, and with great faults, but there's power creep for ya). I like that 4e is easier to run in general (though...
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    Has anyone tried gaming via webcam?

    Klooge isn't free for the players unless the DM buys licenses, just to clarify. I actually do use Klooge (currently to play, but i have run games in the past) and find it fantastic. I found this thread because I too am thinking about working in a webcam to my tabletop game. I don't want...
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    Falling Damage and Stoneskin

    I'd say it wouldn't help at all (unless there were spikes in addition to falling armor). If you're in a safe and someone shoots at you, you're fine. If you're in that safe and fall 20 feet, the safe does you zero good from the trauma. If there is something that would cause additional physical...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 4E vs 3E... what are the main changes?

    Yeah, as has been said 4e is basically a different game. It's a PnP RPG, has D&D written on it and is from WotC, but it's very different. I run it for my players (and it's a bit easier to run IMO) since they like it better than 3e because of the player options they have. I don't know I'd want...
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    D&D 4E 4E Disease and Sickness Collection

    Hey all, I thought I'd start a collection of diseases and sicknesses people created so we all have one resource to pull from. The DMG has just a few examples, and those start at 9th level! Please post your complete diseases (last until cured) or sicknesses (possibly duration based) with Name...
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    Combat very swingy

    Wait it out and reap the rewards or buy new dice... wow!
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    D&D 4E 4e Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide - Anyone see it?

    I was curious if anyone checked it out. I'm pretty leery about getting it myself because, well, it doesn't sound like it's FR due to the extent of rewrites. The thing is, I'm afflicted with the collector's bug and am being drawn towards it like a moth to a flame. I'm curious what everyone's...
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    Where are the Enworld Reviews?!

    I figured they'd just show up soon after Enworld 2.0 showed up, but I'm not seeing them. Anyone have any news on what's up? That was the most extensive such resource on the web!
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    Marks and other conditions being known

    I play it as all opponents (PC's or Baddies) know an effect is on them, but maybe not the extent of that effect. It might be a bit different when playing more intelligent monsters, as they may very well be able to figure out a PC's class after maybe just a round of combat. Knowing that, they'd...
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    Keeping track of bloodied, marked, etc...

    :D I was actually thinking about them, but I get all thrifty. *8) They'd work great though... the only thing would be converting about 200 minis... yikes! The price wouldn't be too bad, as I'd just build my own set of more tokens of fewer colors. Probably spend $40 on the magnet pieces but...
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    Rain of Steel (explain for the simple)

    Thank you x10. The kicker is the Stance keyword you pointed out. I made the mistake of glossing over those. That makes all the difference, and it's completely clear now. I knew I had to be missing something, and what a can of worms that turned out to be. Thanks again!
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    Keeping track of bloodied, marked, etc...

    ooo, beats the heck out of twisties! Thanks man, that's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for.
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    Keeping track of bloodied, marked, etc...

    Hiya, I'm curious what you guys do to keep track of who's bloodied, marked, has Riposte' Strike on them, etc... I know there are the monster\PC cards you can write on, but most effects come and go repeatedly. I was hoping to use small game/poker chips (7/8"), but they're a hair too small so...
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    Rain of Steel (explain for the simple)

    Hiya, Did some googgling (don't see the search function here after the rebuild) and didn't really find anything. I read it and a few different things come to mind. 1.) One is all adjacent enemies suffer 1[w] (more if you get extra OA's) for that single round. This damage happens at the...
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    I made a DM Screen

    Sweet! Thanks for you work guys. I was going to spend some time this weekend doing this since I got my sweet paizo landscape screen last week.
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    Does anyone actually like Dragonborn and Tieflings?

    Sad to say i'm on the Grognard wagon. The races are alright, but I have a deep dislike of them being core. If there were in the phb2, that's totally cool with me, but they don't fit into the history of almost anything. To just plop them in like they were always there and retroactively change...
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    Worldbuilding - One of the joys of GM/DMing?

    20 years ago (and for some time after that) I was heavily into world building. I then ended up being a player more than a DM, so I never really put much effort into it after that. For the last 6 years or so I've been DMing almost exclusively, but no longer have time to invest in it. I do...