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  1. Hex08

    Listening to old-timers describe RP in the 70s and 80s

    It looks like we are just going in circles so I will just address some of your reply. I specifically wasn't making generalizations. I spoke to my experience and even said that you and I had different ones. Since I wasn't making a generalization, I feel like I should be surprised if I am taken...
  2. Hex08

    Listening to old-timers describe RP in the 70s and 80s

    Once again, I have to disagree, but you are reinforcing the point I was making. Not everyone lived where you lived or shared your experiences. I know I didn't. I lived in a small town and was exposed to very few gamers and had no reason to think others were playing the game any differently than...
  3. Hex08

    Listening to old-timers describe RP in the 70s and 80s

    I'm not sure if you are responding to me since you didn't quote me, but that is kind of the point I was making. People assume the way they view the world is the norm and when justifying/defending that there is often a lot of over-generalization and lack of nuance. It seems to me that when people...
  4. Hex08

    Listening to old-timers describe RP in the 70s and 80s

    Just remember, some day you will be the old fart talking about the good old days of 5E (or whatever edition) and the people playing 9E will hate how you view your glory days playing the game. People tend to naturally assume that those around them view the world the same way they do. It's why a...
  5. Hex08

    Listening to old-timers describe RP in the 70s and 80s

    Is this really that common? More importantly, does it even account for a significant percentage of old school gamers?
  6. Hex08

    D&D General What About Those Other D&D Settings?

    Even though I started playing D&D in the early 1980's I have never heard of some of the settings mentioned by the OP. Also, I haven't played D&D since 3.x ended so I don't really have any skin in this game but of those I recognize I'll share my thoughts. Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures - I really...
  7. Hex08

    What We Lose When We Eliminate Controversial Content

    If Mamoru Oshii was fine with Scarlett Johanson's casting I guess I don't have an issue with it either.
  8. Hex08

    What We Lose When We Eliminate Controversial Content

    Are they? It's possible but I don't think that is always the case. If a publisher decides to remove content from their game they are well within their rights to do so because it's their game. However, I think they are just as likely to be making these changes because of changes in societal norms...
  9. Hex08

    What are you reading in 2023?

    I went back to finish The Chronicles of the Black Company. I am just finishing up The Books of the South and am really enjoying it. Next, I am either going to read Myth America: Historians Take On the Biggest Legends and Lies About Our Past or The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe: How to Know...
  10. Hex08

    D&D 2E On AD&D 2E

    I would love to play 2E again. When the bug hits me to run that style of game I turn to Castles & Crusades but 2E is my first love when it comes to RPGs so I would happily return to it. I played the Basic & Expert sets and 1E but my favorite campaigns that I ran and played in were all 2E.
  11. Hex08

    WotC Hasbro's CEO Reports OGL-Related D&D Beyond Cancellations Had Minimal Impact

    Once, I think on these message boards, I expressed frustration that people could not separate the art from the artist. I was told by some that once they found out an artist, say JK Rowling, behaved in a certain offensive way it tainted the artist's work for some people. I find nothing wrong with...
  12. Hex08

    D&D General Deep Thoughts on AI- The Rise of DM 9000

    I don't think I saw it mentioned previously, but CNET used AI (not ChatGPT) to write some articles for their site. The articles "sound" fine and the average reader probably wouldn't have realized the problems, but the AI was wrong about the information it presented. This emphasizes the problem...
  13. Hex08

    D&D General AI isn't all that great when it comes to D&D

    I figured D&D is pretty well known so I should try a less well-known system and setting and see what I got. I used the prompt: Write a short adventure idea for the Savage Worlds East Texas University setting. Here is what it generated: In the East Texas University setting of Savage Worlds, a...
  14. Hex08

    D&D General Deep Thoughts on AI- The Rise of DM 9000

    That seems an awful lot like to talking to many real-life people. ;)
  15. Hex08

    D&D General Iconic and Best Adventures in each Edition

    BECMI: Keep on the Borderlands: the first adventure I ever played will always hold fond memories 1E: Temple of Elemental Evil, Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh or Queen of the Spiders 2E: Night Below 3.x: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil: wins by default because I think it was the only...
  16. Hex08

    What Licensed RPG Do You Wish Existed But Doesn't?

    Maybe I am misinterpreting what you are saying but if not that seems like a pretty unfair assessment. I am currently running a Savage Worlds game set in East Texas University. All of my group are currently in their early 40s to early 50s and all are playing typical college age students (except...
  17. Hex08

    How to deal with a "true roleplayer".

    His approach here also stretches credulity. The party probably spends a fair amount of time together and your players are likely not roleplaying every single moment of that time. It is not unreasonable to assume that a group of people, whose lives depend on each other, are having conversations...
  18. Hex08

    How to deal with a "true roleplayer".

    Point one I have no issue with and it can be a part of good roleplaying. Point two is ridiculous. If you don't have some aptitude in your chosen field you probably won't get started in it. If you do get into that field then you won't succeed in it, you probably won't enjoy it and you will be...
  19. Hex08

    Which team will win Super Bowl LVII?

    One of them