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  1. Warforged DK

    D&D General Simulacrum and then True Polymorph

    Ahh, I misread your argument. You were talking about Polymorph and I was talking about True Polymorph. Thanks for clarifying! Polymorph does NOT have the "unless language", only True Polymorph.
  2. Warforged DK

    D&D General Simulacrum and then True Polymorph

    Wizard is a class. Archmage is a creature. Seep page 342 MM. Medium humanoid, any race, any alignment. CR 12. it is capable of speaking, using hands AND has spells. If true Polymorphed into an Archmage, you get those spells listed in its stat block, nothing more. True Polymorph doesn't say...
  3. Warforged DK

    D&D General Simulacrum and then True Polymorph

    You're missing the final clause of that sentence which modifies the entire premise. 1- The creature is limited in the actions it can perform by the nature of its new form, and a- it can't speak, b- cast spells, or c- take any other action that requires hands or speech; 2- unless its new form...
  4. Warforged DK

    D&D General Simulacrum and then True Polymorph

    If you, a 19th level Bard, make a simulacrum of yourself, I'd rule it as a copy of your character sheet, with no equipment, half your HP, and the same number of spells slots you have, minus the one used for Simulacrum. It can never learn new spells or create new spell slots while a simulacrum...
  5. Warforged DK

    D&D General It's Time For D&D Lego!

    I haven't tried it in Bricklink yet, but my thought was to create a side view of a dungeon crawl, with some play features. Trap door over a gelatinous cube; 3 adventurers (fighter, rogue and wizard) and 3 enemies, likely 2 goblins or orcs, and a single special enemy, like Mind flayer or...
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    D&D General When Was Your Last D&D Gaming Session?

    I haven't gotten to play D&D in about a year. I did have 2 sessions of Blades in the Dark in January 2022 though. My problem was mainly some papillomas on my vocal cord, rendering me unable to speak for more than a few minutes at a time/ Not so good when you're the DM. 4 surgeries later and...
  7. Warforged DK

    D&D 5E [Radiant Citadel] A chart of parallel Earth cultures and motifs across the D&D Multiverse

    Thanks for putting this together. How would you place the MtG Planeshift worlds? Theros is shifted Greek myth; Amonkhet is shifted Egyptian myth. I'm eternally greatful that Eberron is never mentioned in your list. While it borrows from real world cultures, each one is unique enough to not be...
  8. Warforged DK

    D&D General Custom Mini-Maker?

    A friend of mine makes custom minis in Blender and can print them for a reasonable price. Better than Heroforge since you can get exactly what you want, but may take a little longer since there would need to be some back and forth with the designer...
  9. Warforged DK

    D&D General Non-standard Miniatures

    I've totally reused my kids toys for larger monsters. He had a crap ton of Skylanders figures that worked well for giants of all sorts. We also had this Parallax toy from the Green Lantern movie that I used as an end game big bad boss. The chest claw thing could easily grab a normal "large"...
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    D&D 5E Class-based Ability Score Increases (revised proposal)

    I like the idea of class based Ability increases, and I've typically ruled them as +2 in your primary attack stat and +1 to any other. I've also done it tied to Saves, but that doesn't work out quite right. My thoughts behind it were that the racial features were what made them who they are...
  14. Warforged DK

    D&D 5E XCOM-like rules for a modern or sci-fi version of the 5e rules?

    I've thought about that Overwatch type rule for a Mass Effect 5e game I intend to run in 2021. I figure it's honestly just the Ready Action. Maybe a feat that lets you Overwatch as a bonus action after Attack, or rework Sentinel to be like Overwatch, but only a small area, 3x3 maybe. Also-...
  15. Warforged DK

    D&D General 38 Year Campaign

    There was a guy in Kansas City who had been running a pretty regular game since the mid 80's. It was a mix of 1e and 2e with some houserules, but same world, same mega campaign from the beginning. Nearly all adventures were completed in 1 sitting to account for changing players. Sometimes it...
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    D&D General Eberron resource request

    Do you want to convert a bit of Dungeon of the Mad Mage?
  17. Warforged DK

    D&D 5E The crab that got away...

    I actually have a Tamatoa toy from the Disney Moana playset thing. It's about the size of a Huge creature. It'd be PERFECT for this!!! On a side note- I've used the Te Kaa figure fro mthe same set as a greater fire elemental in games. And repurposed my kid's Skylanders toys as elementals too
  18. Warforged DK

    D&D General Weekly Wrecana - Organized / Revisited

    Don't mean to be a jerk here, but his name was Mark Monack. A great inspiration for me as a DM and always had good advice for new DM's and players.
  19. Warforged DK

    D&D 5E Icewind Dale Minis Coming From Wizkids

    Oh no, they made Eberron Minis, but nobody here seems to have pushed them as far as I can remember. I ended up buying a brick of them with my tax refund play money for a new campaign, and then COVID hit and I've not played in person in 4 months.
  20. Warforged DK

    D&D 5E Best uses for Tenser's Floating Disk

    I once had a campaign derail because of it. Players were tasked to retrieve a helm that would be used to legitimize a goblin clan's claim to leadership. When they got to the tomb, they found lots of other treasure and loaded everything back up onto Tenser's. What took a few hours hard ride on...