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    MCDM officially announces their RPG

    In the blue corner: Matt Colville, creator of multiple multi-million dollar Kickstarter projects. In the red corner: a bunch of anonymous internet posters who have created zero notable projects. DING DING
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    D&D 5E What is REALLY wrong with the Wizard? (+)

    The original 3 classes have the same problem: they're too broad. Fighter (fighting man) is "weapon guy;" cleric (priest) is "god guy;" wizard (magic user) is "magic guy." All the other classes started off as specialties (the original subclasses) of those. As the game evolved, those specialties...
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    MCDM officially announces their RPG

    The irony of people thinking 30-year RPG industry veteran Matt Coleville just wants to make a D&D clone is absolutely staggering, as is the idea that he doesn't understand the purpose of the dice system he's using. Also nobody is being insulted. The team has simply made it clear that they don't...
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    Diablo IV

    Seems pretty obvious they're gonna pull a switcheroo and make archangel whosit the big bad here.
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    Diablo IV

    I definitely had the most fun playing barbarian. Shame I played it last. Will definitely play it first this weekend.
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    Diablo IV

    Microsoft have no plans to fire Kotick.
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    WotC WotC general D&D survey just went live.

    "Lazy and bland" is the D&D brand now.
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    Diablo IV

    Verdict: Pretty good. Will not be giving any money to Activision.
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    WotC WotC general D&D survey just went live.

    I think it's been too problematic both content-wise and rules-wise but they may be willing to take another look at it with a new edition. With spell lists being reorganized psionics may be more doable, and Ajit George has been pushing for a chance to take a crack at it. The fact that it's on a...
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    WotC WotC general D&D survey just went live.

    There's no evidence I'm aware of that they tried to "destroy" Athas in the adventure. Only that Athas was planned and got replaced last minute with Doomspace. If you have any evidence whatsoever that Athas was explicitly planned to be on the process of falling into a black hole, I'd love to see it.
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    WotC WotC general D&D survey just went live.

    If it gets overwhelmingly positive response they'll tackle it.
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    WotC WotC general D&D survey just went live.

    Write in 4e-specific stuff at every opportunity and made it clear my only interest in 5e/1DD stuff was for conversion. I don't think they care about my opinions lol
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    What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?

    All of it
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    Challenge: Shows that Deserved More than Four Seasons

    Stargate Atlantis deserved one more season.
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    D&D 5E WotC: Why Dark Sun Hasn't Been Revived

    4e Dark Sun was amazing in its own right and arguably better. It did not have art by Brom.
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    D&D 5E Dark Sun, problematic content, and 5E…

    Don't read the comments
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    Ben Riggs talks about Why WotC tried to cancel the OGL

    "What're you gonna tell 'em? About why I'm gone? ... Make somethin' up. Don't tell 'em it was me."
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    Star Wars Star Wars The Most Overused Tropes?

    The prequels actually tried something different. They were starting to get a little bit incestuous but not nearly to the degree of the sequels.