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  1. zarionofarabel

    Favored dice mechanic.

    D100 or Percentile. Like in Mythras. Thought Pendragons D20 version (5% increments) is also good. Most other dice mechanics just seem either too complex or simply lacking in usefulness.
  2. zarionofarabel

    Is Immersion Important to You as a Player?

    In a nutshell, it's the whole point. If I wanted to do anything other than get immersed in my PCs life, I would play something else. If I want complex tactical combat, I'll play a minis combat game. If I want complicated resource management, I'll play a board game that concentrates on such...
  3. zarionofarabel

    Armor as Damage Reduction

    Mythras baby! Armor straight up reduces the amount of damage taken. With each hit location (head, chest, torso, arms, legs) having a very limited number of HP. The math works wonderfully. The best armor will negate a blow from a long sword, but there are ways to get past it. Definitely makes...
  4. zarionofarabel

    D&D 5E Adventures in Middle-Earth

    I would prefer TOR to AiME, but right now local groups are D&D 5e only, and not willing to try new systems. ☹️
  5. zarionofarabel

    D&D 5E Adventures in Middle-Earth

    Has anyone played it? Has anyone used the Mirkwood Campaign? What did you think of it? Good? Bad? Playable? Unplayable? House rules? Mods? Opinions? I am actually thinking of doing some 5e D&D as other games have withered on the vine and I am really not a fan of vanilla D&D but I think (after...
  6. zarionofarabel

    Historical periods, Problematic Elements, Gameplay, and Fun

    If I was running a historical game with historical accuracy being a main theme, I would make it historically accurate.
  7. zarionofarabel

    Too Much Effort to Make New Characters?

    Have them wake up the next morning fresh as daisies but without any equipment or armor, just their clothes.
  8. zarionofarabel

    All i Really Care About is Interesting Choices

    My aim has always been to allow the players to engage in things they find interesting or entertaining. If the players wish to use an entire session to shop for supplies, or party it up in a local tavern, so be it, even if the choices they make have no consequences in future sessions. To me the...
  9. zarionofarabel

    5E burnout - looking for a summer RPG

    Tales from the Loop!
  10. zarionofarabel

    Out with the old (Game design traditions we should let go)

    Class. Level. Zero to Hero. Readily available magic. Thousands of monster species. Multitudes of PC races.
  11. zarionofarabel

    What game Could "Be" D&D, Culturally?

    The runequest family.
  12. zarionofarabel

    Star Wars Reboot

    Somehow, you acquired the rights to Star Wars. However, one of the stipulations of the deal is that you must reboot the franchise. The original movies, the Legends EU, all the Disney Wars stuff, it's all in the past. It's your Star Wars universe now. What is your reboot like? What's changed...
  13. zarionofarabel

    What is the most detailed setting available?

    If looking for detailed mapping, look no further than Kingdoms of Kalamar. It has an atlas that is hundreds of pages. It features borders, roads, trails, villages. The detail is unbelievable.
  14. zarionofarabel

    D&D General War! What is it Good For (in your campaigns)?

    Often as a central aspect of the events happening in the world the PCs live in. War is devastating. Destruction of infrastructure and massive loss of life can ruin whole societies. It can take generations to recover from such conflicts. As a central conflict. As background events. As something...
  15. zarionofarabel

    Can you name a good fantasy TTRPG that's not D&D?

    It's pretty simple. Few skills and little in the way of advancement. You could probably do a short campaign with it, but I doubt it would hold up for a hundred session epic. Unless the players are far more focused on story over stats, then it might work fine. I think it works better as an intro...
  16. zarionofarabel

    Can you name a good fantasy TTRPG that's not D&D?

    Mythras Legend (Mongoose) Burning Wheel Chronica Feudalis
  17. zarionofarabel

    Systems Where You Dread Running Combat

    Yeah, but the HP attrition is still the main factor, it just gets worse in the newer editions as HP bloat makes combat take forever. It's just tedious.
  18. zarionofarabel

    Systems Where You Dread Running Combat

    I can't stand D&D hit point attrition style combat. I find the monotony of it extremely tedious and boring.
  19. zarionofarabel

    When and what game did you start with.

    1988, D&D Red Box. Taught myself to DM with a small group of friends as players. Switched to WEG Star Wars shortly thereafter.