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  1. Canageek

    WANTED: The Best Color PDF Battle Maps

    Cartographer's Guild I can't agree with the last poster enough. Some the the maps on Cartographer's Guild are simply stunning. I was looking for KotS replacements and a number of the ones I found are better then the original. You need a login to see more then the thumbnails but it is free and...
  2. Canageek

    Literary (and other) settings wishlist

    I'd have to go with Lin Carters Callisto series- Good mix of races (you'd have to give the different human groups different stats), Sky Pirates, Evil Mind wizards, beautify detailed world...
  3. Canageek

    "Worthless" Treasure and Magic Items

    What about a Quaals Feather Token Tree (One shot magic item that makes 10ft think, 80ft tall oak tree, effects as per DMs discretion) Or the Decanter of Endless Water By Pielorinho
  4. Canageek

    Core Handbook Errors Discussion

    Ok, from my fully legal DMG (only got shipped that one, seen another person on the WoTC board who said the same thing, not from On pg202, point 14. The Bluffs ..."and roll about 2d6 [ts] 10 feet" I bet thats supposed to be a * (or rather the nice pretty x that WoTC books use for times)...