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  1. Hriston

    What are you reading in 2023?

    I wanted to read the original but couldn't find a copy. Once I read the foreword, I was won over by the idea that maybe the author had learned a thing or two about writing novels in the twenty or so years that had elapsed.
  2. Hriston

    D&D 5E Ruling Question on Shapechanger & Hold Person

    Yes, the way I'd run this, the players could infer from the fact I didn't roll a save for the slaad, but merely stated it was unaffected by the spell, that the slaad is something other than what it seems.
  3. Hriston

    D&D 5E Ruling Question on Shapechanger & Hold Person

    If its type is humanoid in its humanoid form and something else in its true form, then its statistics are not the same in each form.
  4. Hriston

    D&D 5E Ruling Question on Shapechanger & Hold Person

    Creature type is a statistic, and the slaad’s statistics, except size, remain the same while polymorphed. Therefore, the spell cannot target the slaad. I would use the rule for invalid spell targets from XGtE. I.e. the spell slot is expended, but the slaad is unaffected.
  5. Hriston

    What are you reading in 2023?

    It’s certainly gripping. I’m reading the revised version, and I love Anderson’s foreword where he refers to his younger self as a different person and says he himself would not “write anything so headlong, so prolix, and so unrelievedly savage.”
  6. Hriston

    What are you reading in 2023?

    I'm a little over halfway through The Broken Sword now, and I'd say you're correct! It's pretty amazing!
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    D&D General #Dungeon23

    All caught up.. again. 11. This 40’ x 40’ room is empty. 12. Berserker Lair: This 40’ x 40’ room is inhabited by 19 berserkers: Tirvun, Llastmannoth, Veargoth, Junaenn, Pilf, Thunrioy, Thelgres, Mug, Rhu, Thrun, Feilsurn, Smalpemm, Wilholgo, Sevaerthi, Bhis, Krelr, Teittem, Svio, and Mann...
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    (IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1

    Bible raises her axe at the orc's charge but holds back from striking, seeing that Eoghan's words have had the desired effect. She runs forward past the orcs and hurls her axe at the dwarf-tormenting orog. Drawing the other axe from her belt, she throws again, seeking to bury its blade in the...
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    Kenzaburo Oe, the Nobel Prize-winning Japanese novelist and peace activist, has died at the age of 88.
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    D&D General #Dungeon23

    Getting caught up. 4. Giant Scorpion Lair: This 20’ x 30’ room is inhabited by a giant scorpion. 9. This 20’ x 30’ room is empty. T4. The difficulty of finding this secret door is very hard. On a failure, a 10’ pit opens. The difficulty for each character to save themselves from falling in...
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  18. Hriston

    POLL: Is how you Roleplay influenced by your character’s mental stats?

    I voted for your fourth option because I prefer the decisions I make for my character (my roleplaying) to be an input to the fiction which comes before any mechanical resolution. If I'm being strategic about it and the situation allows for it, I might avoid stating actions that would rely on my...
  19. Hriston

    (IC) Against the Giants PBP Group 1

    ~Le's you and me be quick about it, Jack,~ Bible thinks to the rogue. ~That dwarf don't sound like he's enjoyin' himself much, but first, some refreshkmenks.~ She retrieves two small vials from a pouch on her belt, uncorks them, and downs each of them one after the other in several large...
  20. Hriston

    D&D General Roughly how smart is A Magic User that has the maximum Int of 18 that also has the minimum Wis of 3

    You could play a thief with Dex 10 or, as @ilgatto suggested, advance the character to old age by which time they will have accumulated enough Wisdom to function as a magic-user. If you go with thief, you could play an elf or a halfling for racial adjustments and to raise your Dex to 11 for...