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    Sale GM's Day Sale (Dias Ex Machina's ENTIRE Library) DriveThru RPG's GM's Day sale is going on now! It's their largest sale of the year--hundreds of publishers, thousands of downloadable titles, up to 30% off. This includes DIAS EX MACHINA's ENTIRE LIBRARY. Now's your chance to...
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    Undead Origins

    FYI, we are releasing the Biohzard adventure as a standalone next month
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    D&D 5E Non fantasy settings using the 5e system

    Awesome, thanks for the plug; yeah we just released a rebuild of the core book and have a sequel coming out next week. The third volume in the series will be later this year.
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    WotC Backs Down: Original OGL To Be Left Untouched; Whole 5E Rules Released as Creative Commons

    Can I be in a good mood now? We need to take this OGL as a win, a huge step forward, and send a message that we can walk forward together. At this point, I really don't want to be adversarial to anyone. I want to be in a good mood. We still need assurances regarding VTTs, but I'm done with...
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    Ultramodern 5 vs everyday heroes

    Yup, that's what I figured, and I applaud Sigfried for writing rules in new ways to avoid these issues. Currently, is unsure of its direction regarding OGL. We are also in the ORC alliance and are hoping WOTC stops using the stick in favor of more carrot to win us back to their side.
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    Ultramodern 5 vs everyday heroes

    That's a good question, Greg. For EH, it might, and I am sure Sigfried can address that. Personally, I think the book is ok, especially if 1.2 is adopted, as the grandfather clause allows EH to exist with the 1.0a license. Ultramodern5 is a bit better off because we are NOT self-enclosed. We...
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    D&D General Dias Ex Machina’s stance on the 1.2 OGL

    I think people are taking a bit of an extreme interpretation of what I said because literally there are people calling for a boycott of anyone "supporting" Hasbro. I am not "surrendering". With products like Ultramodern5, which has no IP affixed to it, I see no reason creating a NEW UM5 that is...
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    WotC To Give Core D&D Mechanics To Community Via Creative Commons

    Those wishing to continue fanning this flame until the brand is in ashes, you are free to do so as you wish, but I am not supporting the idea of seeing D&D burn so a few people can feel warm. We're making progress. This was a huge step forward.
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    D&D General Dias Ex Machina’s stance on the 1.2 OGL

    Dias Ex Machina’s stance on 1.2 (UPDATE) Dias Ex Machina has read the 1.2 OGL draft released on January 19th. We have looked over the conditions. And outside of reaching out to them to ensure future products like Heavenfall and Amethyst Revelations are compliant with their conditions regarding...
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    D&D 5E Do you ACTUALLY use 3rd Party Books?

    The secret is to see why people bring 3PP books to the table. Is it because the class fits the theme of the homebrew setting? Do the monsters? Or does the player want the class because it is so'd be surprised how few times that reasoning is given and how often role players...
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    D&D General Don't Believe EVERYTHING concerning WOTC and D&D

    So true. I lost friends last year when they were sharing false pro-Ukraine posts. I was trying to explain that sharing lies, even if they are comfortable, hurts the war in the long run. They did not agree, with some claiming that they "choose to believe it".
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    D&D 5E Do you ACTUALLY use 3rd Party Books?

    Thank you for showing support. We third-party publishers that write for 5E are certainly under a lot of pressure and we can use all the love we can get right now.
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    D&D General Don't Believe EVERYTHING concerning WOTC and D&D

    While clicking on anti-WOTC or anti-D&D social media posts is appealing, remember that algorithms are encouraged by engagement, and negativity feeds better than positivity. Those with popular social media channels know this, which is why it’s in their best interest to feed this narrative. Now...
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    Ultramodern 5 vs everyday heroes

    Also, if you want more variety, we also offer three settings: A full-on mecha space opera called Conestoga A sci-fi fantasy called Paradise and a steampunk setting called Torus
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    Ultramodern 5 vs everyday heroes

    The biggest difference, if I trust what people have told me, is that Everyday Heroes was built from the ground up as a self-enclosed system based on 5E as a spiritual successor for the original 3.5 D20 modern. However, D20 modern back then was not designed to be wholly 100% compatible with 3.5...
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    WotC Walks Back Some OGL Changes, But Not All

    You've made a step, but WOTC has a lot of walking to do. This is stitching a wound while the patient bleeds internally.
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    Ryan Dancey -- Hasbro Cannot Deauthorize OGL

    The OGL was written before Hasbro took them over. It was intended to be irrevocable but that word was missing from the original OGL. As a result, Hasbro believes they have legal grounds to cancel it and end all 3pp support that is not under their complete control. The OGL was absolutely...