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  1. LostSoul

    D&D 5E Ye Olde Two Handed Weapon Problem in Modern D&D

    Weapon damage dice is outmoded; it works with 1-minute melee rounds, but not with 6-second ones. Let it be a judgement call.
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    Is Pathfinder 2 Paizo's 4E?

    G = Try to win. S = Fit in with the game world. N = Show what you'd do in a moral dilemma.
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    New Game Mechanics for Custom RPG (is it Lame?)

    1. The game must push the PCs so that players have to really wonder if now is the time to spend prowess points. 2. Thus recovery of PP should be a big deal. 3. How do the PCs change? (It should be tied into their decision making, so probably based on how they spend their PP.) You might want to...
  4. LostSoul

    What would be some good metics to evaluate RPG rules/systems?

    What matters are the choices that the players make. So what do the rules 1. force choices for the players to make? 2. ask choices that the player may or may not make 3. suggest 4. ask the DM to force/ask/suggest choices It's complicated; something like 5e would have different answers if the...
  5. LostSoul

    Why the hate for complexity?

    I've found that, with written rules, players focus on the text; with rulings, players focus on the game world.
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    Whats a good Post Apocalypse RPG

    You could try Dungeons & Dragons.
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    Morale systems

    I definitely used AD&D for inspiration for my morale system. One important thing to note is that the result of a failed morale check is that the NPCs need to change tactics; it doesn't necessarily mean surrender or retreat. There were a few design notes I wanted to hit: 1. Act as a flag for...
  8. LostSoul

    Excel and Massive Campaigns

    SQL would be better than Excel, but you could probably do it like this: Data Sheet Column A: A list of all people, places, or things. e.g. A1: Rufus A2: Fletch A3: Belsornig Column B: An id value. Unique numbers, starting at 1 with an increment of 1. You can write a formula for this; enter B1...
  9. LostSoul

    Need some ideas

    Adding on: An evil or mischievous faerie started the whole thing to remove the queen from power. Finds the vats, breaks the seals and lets nature take its course; then complains about it to the queen. Or maybe the evil instigator isn't a faerie at all but someone who wanted the queen removed...
  10. LostSoul

    Making a camp

    I would focus on the decisions you want the players to make. Something like this: 1. [long-term] Players choose a route based on campaign specifics and PC builds; 2. [short-term] the features of the site that they want (or not, if they don't care); 3. [short-term] how long they're willing to...
  11. LostSoul

    D&D 4E Changing the Combat Parameters of 4th Edition

    One full day of rest, not just the overnight rest. You can't get back your daily powers either. The real key to this is to make sure that time is part of the game's economy.
  12. LostSoul

    How important is game balance to you?

    Okay, so what's your thinking? It would seem obvious that, if the rules force the spotlight onto certain characters, the rules would affect spotlight balance in some way.
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    D&D 4E Changing the Combat Parameters of 4th Edition

    I left spells and prayers tied to a five minute rest*, and you could spend as many healing surges as you'd like during that time, but you'd need to spend a full day of nothing but rest to regain a healing surge. Then I did some other things: NPCs get tougher over time XP isn't tied to killing...
  14. LostSoul

    How important is game balance to you?

    No it's not. If resolution bogs down in some area, whoever's action needs to be resolved is going to sit in the spotlight. If it takes 30 minutes to do a "psi-battle" in some imagined game, where only one PC can act by the rules, that's taking the spotlight away from other characters. You'd...
  15. LostSoul

    How important is game balance to you?

    The most important thing in any game is that the players have meaningful choices to make. Meaningful choices mean that players can balance one choice against another. What choices you want the players to make differs based on the game you're making, but offering optimal decisions as part of a...
  16. LostSoul

    What changed between editions

    Why would someone who hates D&D retain the core ideas of the game? Wouldn't that be exactly what you expect someone who likes the game to keep? Let me highlight this: Classes are reimagined as primarily pawns with tactical roles in a table top wargame, with non-combat activity being left...
  17. LostSoul

    D&D 4E Simplifying 4E

    The simple answer to making 4E a simple game is to only use page 42. If you want characters to function differently, you'd need to do something. e.g. x PC deals low damage normally but when another character is at bloodied HP, x deals mod damage. y PC can deal high damage 3 times before...