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  1. JAAD Productions

    Press SMG-Con RPG, Board Games and Panels Event online on Feb 25-27

    SMG-Con is coming soon. from February 25th to 27th we will be running constant games and events online in our Discord free for everyone to play and participate. Jump into our discord and check out the event: Events include tabletop Board Game Tournaments, Panels and...
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  4. JAAD Productions

    Release SMG-Con online coming Feb 25th-27th

    Hello Everyone. Our SMG-Con is coming up and we are excited to announce our schedule and open sign-ups for everyone. SMG-Con will run the entire weekend of February the 25th-27th online in our discord with panels and games. Both Board game...
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  6. JAAD Productions

    Kickstarter Pledge Manager for the Robotech Homefront RPG is live!

    For those who missed the Robotech Homefront RPG Kickstarter, don't worry. our pledge manager is now up and live! If you missed the Kickstarter and were not sure, the Pledge Manager allows you to jump in and pledge for a copy of Homefront and get your copy once we release next year. Not only...
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  8. JAAD Productions

    Kickstarter Robotech Homefront kickstarter details and 7 days to go!

    The Kickstarter for the brand new Robotech Homefront RPG is underway and now the campaign is almost halfway done with just 7 days left until its completion! The Kickstarter comes with an array of options letting you pick up copies of the core book in different formats and limited edition cover...
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  14. JAAD Productions

    Kickstarter Robotech Homefront RPG now LIVE!!!

    The Robotech Homefront RPG supplement is now live!
  15. JAAD Productions

    Kickstarter Robotech Homefront RPG Kickstarter: Arise children of the Invid!

    Arise children of the Invid. The Robotech Homefront RPG supplement Kickstarter is almost upon us on October 19th. The Regess calls you to action for the Hive! experience the Invid like never before as you rise not in rank but in evolutionary form. Each Evolution changing your Invid body and the...
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  20. JAAD Productions

    Kickstarter Robotech Homefront RPG Kickstarter: Join the United Earth Expeditionary Forces!

    Welcome to the United Earth Expeditionary Forces and the latest mission to retake Earth from the Invid menace in the lead up to the Robotech Homefront RPG Kickstarter on October 19th. After years of fighting in the far off reaches of space, the UEEF brings to bear its specifically developed...