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    Effects of an all blood diet.

    Well, there must be sufficient nutrients - vampire bats do just fine, and they're mammals. They are, however, small. Considering that a Desmodus rotundus eats something insane, like half its body weight in blood in a feeding, and is a small bat, I would think that a human would need vast ponds...
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    DMG II: Buying?

    I plan to get it, yeah. I also want to say that it makes me warm inside whenever diaglo spends money on books he doesn't really want. :p
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    What would you like to see dropped from Dungeon?

    I love Downer. All you other guys are just plain wrong. ;)
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    An open "Thank you" to Erik Mona

    moaning edited out Also, Downer is great, I love Downer. Ignore the philistines. So thanks, Erik, you're awesome.
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    Rotten pregenerated PC's at WotC

    I've always found it works best to use the ASCII codes for diacritical marks. Thus: über the ü comes from ALT-0252. You can look up the ASCII codes in the character map, found in Accessories/System Tools.
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    Most over-quoted movie by gamers.

    I'm not sure any of my players have seen those movies. They've probably seen the Princess Bride, if they've seen either, and at least one hates anything British, so he'd never agree to watch Python anyhow.
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    The Assassin. Core Class or Prestige Class? Spell-Casting or Non-Spellcasting?

    That doesn't mean that these assassins don't have a class and are neither spellcasting non non-spellcasting. The poll didn't state that the answers were to be as a PC class. I said prestige class, non-spellcasting. This is because while yes, anyone who kills for money is an assassin, if it's...
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    I need inspiration: Custom User Title

    "Smells like Weasels!" cause, y'know, they do.
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    [Feb] What are you reading?

    I seem to be reading quite a bit this month. On to Gene Wolfe's The Knight
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    [Feb] What are you reading?

    Well, A Nervous Splendor was pretty good.. though somewhat depressing I think. Angels & Demons, by Dan Brown, was also very good -- his books are ridiculously fast reads. Crazy stuff. I've just started The Middleman and Other Stories by Bharati Mukherjee. Pretty good so far.
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    [Feb] What are you reading?

    Well, Captain Blood was very good. Definitely recommend it if you like naval historical fiction, pirates, or romance (not harlequin style romance, thanks). Now I'm on to A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888-1889 by Frederic Morton.
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    [Feb] What are you reading?

    I've just started Captain Blood, by Rafael Sabatini.
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    Great moments of movie magic

    Gandhi -- Anytime they start chanting "Long Live! Gandhi-ji!"
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    Life outlooks

    From reading your posts, I have learned that many things in Austria come in big loads.
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    [Jan] What are you reading?

    I just finished the Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, which I thought was very good, though I had a hard time believing a few actions taken by some characters. I've just recently started Babbitt, by Sinclair Lewis.
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    Which Narnia book first...?

    I find that I almost always prefer to read a series in publication order, because then you can not only get the story as the original readers (people who read them as they were published, that is) saw it, but you can watch how the author's writing changes. Also, it can be a pain trying to...
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    Roger E. Moore - the split-off Bond discussion

    Dang cigar-huffing Roger Moore. You know, those Montecristos he was sucking down ran into thousands of pounds a day, shooting. It's kind of funny, in the non-Fleming Bond novels (I've read them all, and some are fine, some are even just about as good as Fleming's stuff, particularly Benson's...
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    Roger E. Moore - the split-off Bond discussion

    You know, it's funny that Niven made only that one spoof Bond film, yet he was Fleming's personal choice to play Bond. Well, Fleming wanted either Niven or someone like him. He also wanted his cousin Christopher Lee to play Dr. No. Wheeeeeeeee
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    [Jan] What are you reading?

    I just started The Magnificent Ambersons, by Booth Tarkington. Great stuff so far, but I'm only a few chapters in yet.
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    LOTR Details...

    From what I've read about the children, and the only two you ever seem to hear about are Christopher and John (who died last January, I just read).. they were all pretty protective about the stories, as someone said above. I seem to remember once reading that John didn't even like to talk about...