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  1. Lord Gosumba

    D&D General "I have played in or run a D&D campaign set in Greyhawk." (a poll)

    The blunt answer is YES. My Order of Ulek Campaign is in its 42nd continuous year, and we are on Adventure #968; estimate is 3,250 sessions. We have multiple adventuring groups, and special groups that get together every few months that include Ed Greenwood (yes Ed plays in my Greyhawk...
  2. Lord Gosumba

    Media Ed Greenwood, Jim Ward, & Jeff Grubb; The Wizards Three Discussion!!!

    Sunday evening, it is my honor to present our 200th Gabbin' at Lord Peak's Haven Show! Join =AZXAIkEG7e0GkWLhSdrMTSRzC7HYLV1nS7dMqnij6tOZZd7ac-SjnuBr4rRHePRcd1dDlIpRssl9aKdUFaSlVmTXOVX2Kk8ENUzN87XsFNSomFBNoFJs3VqersVA8zGpsoFaSoiufE9sckiEUWiHQiiQNPp3OMxJbFov2L8yViSE8g&tn=-]K-R']Anna Meyer and me...
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  4. Lord Gosumba

    D&D 5E Greyhawk: Why We Need Mo' Oerth by 2024

    Well then you can wait for the Official annoucements for the project Kickstarter coming from Troll Lord Games; then see for yourself. Please do NOT call me a liar. It has been announced multiple times on my Live Streams and Troll Lord Games' Streams as well.
  5. Lord Gosumba

    D&D 5E Greyhawk: Why We Need Mo' Oerth by 2024

    So, while this post is going on here, I want to share with everyone what you are missing. There is a vibrant growing, Greyhawk Community, comprising of Live Streamers, Blogs, Discords, and Websites. My 3rd Annual Virtual Greyhawk Con will be upcoming first weekend of October Virtual Greyhawk Con...