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  1. Zogmo

    Do You Read This News?

    I read this page daily, along with Truth Seeker IV's news on CM. It's much better getting my gaming and entertainment news from a trusted site and people like you. You're doing an awesome job at deciding what's important to us and what we need to know to stay current on a day by day basis...
  2. Zogmo

    What's Up With D&D? for Monday, 23 January 2012

    Might want to change the first paragraph from saying 4th to saying 5th edition. I am really hoping Planescape will get restored and given the love it got in 2nd edition. My favorite setting ever.
  3. Zogmo

    KM's Big Thread of Planescape Races

    Ok, KM your stuff is too good to not want more. I hope you are still doing the factions! PS4e, gotta have it.
  4. Zogmo

    Does anyone actually like Dragonborn and Tieflings?

    I love all things Planescape. I've not kept the Tieflings and Dragonborn restricted too much as far as looks go. As long as any horns, wings or whatever are nonfunctional and doesn't get in the way of things I'm good to go with whatever my players come up with.
  5. Zogmo

    House Rules Rating System

    Thanks! That's a great idea but I'm having problems figuring out how to do that. How do we do that exactly.
  6. Zogmo

    Will your campaigns go Paragon? Epic?

    We're going all the way, baby! Epic destiny quests here we come!
  7. Zogmo

    Selling items : illogical rule ?

    So, house-rules to change anything is not allowed?
  8. Zogmo

    Welcome to ENWorld 2

    Michael! Excellent job, and thank you for putting so much time and effort into keeping this a thriving community. Not everyone says it but I'm sure everyone really appreciates what you do for us.
  9. Zogmo

    House Rules Rating System

    There are so many cool things people have done here with the 4e rules and I don't have the time to go over every thread and I don't want to miss something I might really like. I wish (not really *wish* you know, just in case...) that there was a rating system so we could check out the highest...
  10. Zogmo

    Careful Attack replacements

    I really like what you've done here. I think you're right about dropping the basic attack wording. Good job!
  11. Zogmo

    Can D&D be played without all the mini rules?

    I have DM'd a few 4e sessions without a battlemat or miniatures. One of the groups I DM for has been playing since the 70's and feel that exactness is not needed. They ask me if something/someone is in range so that they can do "insert cool move here" or "insert spell here", I tell them...
  12. Zogmo

    D&D 4e Rules Compendium in online!

    Please post source for this info. Thanks.
  13. Zogmo

    In contrast to the GSL, Ryan Dancey on OGL/D20 in WotC archives

    After reading ENworld posts here for many years I can safely say (IMHO) that the reason the original OGL didn't get a community to support and make it grow as originally envisioned and become it's own beast was that there are so many people who play with so many different visions of what's best...
  14. Zogmo

    D&D 4e Rules Compendium in online!

    Remember a couple of things when looking at it. 1) This is not the final product. Nothing is final till the DDI becomes subscription based. They are not afraid of showing their growing pains and have said recently that a lot of things will be put up unfinished so that people can comment on it...
  15. Zogmo

    How to detain an Eladrin Rogue? ie, teleporting

    It seems people have concerns with hoods and masks being "fixed", "tricked" or manipulated in a way so that they will be able to see out of. This isn't going to be true for a real mask/hood made to keep someone from really seeing. The stage performers all use props and fake hoods that they...
  16. Zogmo

    Compiled info on upcoming classes & races

    B is for Bonk D is for Donk S is for Sonk T is for Tonk I is for Ionk W is for Wonk What we don't have is M is for MONK. This better be something they are going to do soon in with the DDI.
  17. Zogmo

    Elric and Hawkmoon RPG from Mongoose? Is it good?

    Hey! Erekose is a member here! That is awesome! How come you don't have your own game? I loved your books. Sorry about Ermizhad and all that. It really sucks. Oh, Thanks for the info. too. :)
  18. Zogmo

    Page XX?

    I've worked 15 years in the copy and printing industry and typos are in many, many docs that were proofed many, many times. It's almost more of a surprise when there are no typos in the books we print. It's really difficult to get them 100 percent accurate. It's the reality of the industry...
  19. Zogmo

    Skill Challenge success calculator

    Bleargh!!!!! Thag need food. Ugg ugg. Thag need fire. Snork snork. That being said... I am a happy consumer in a world of smart people doing things that make it possible for me to have fun. Thank you all for the efforts to improve my gaming experience. I'll be stepping aside...
  20. Zogmo

    Default "PoL" Setting - Setting Info Compilation (Now Wikified!)

    Morrus: That is excellent! This thread is an awesome resource to help me build my campaign world and keep the continuity strong and consistent. Looking forward to a wiki to make it a more permanent fixture. Ashrem Bayle: Thank you so much for starting this! fodigg: Thank you for the...