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  1. GoodKingJayIII

    D&D 4E Running Commentary on Rel's 4e Campaign (Complete 8/2/10)

    Haven't posted here in a long time. Just wanted to say this is a great thread, and I'm really enjoying the story and the demonstration of your 4e experience! Both are excellent.
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    Deities and Demigods: Bane

    Damn. This sounds like a great article. I should probably subscribe to the insider. I am doing a lot of stuff with Bane, Ioun, and hobgoblins in my campaign so this stuff sounds pretty relevant.
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    Wow. Haven't posted here in a while. I'm very sorry to hear about this round of layoffs, but I'm particularly sad to see Dave Noonan and Jonathan Tweet go. Those guys do great work, and Wizards needs more designers like them.
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    Can a warlord "heal" an unconscious character

    I am perplexed that we have so constrained our imaginations that the only way we can picture an ally hauling his friend out of the muck and blood is with magical juju. Plenty of examples of real life where these things happen without incantations and holy mumbo-jumbo. I have my own criticisms...
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    DDI subscriptions go live tomorrow!

    Considering that the DDI was supposed to come out in June, I'd say they had about a 4 month problem. And it still doesn't have all the services promised.
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    Dragon 368 - Death Matters (But Never Happens)

    I've only just started my 4e campaign, so it's difficult for me to really address your problems with concrete experience. I will say that others have not had the same experience as you, and have found combat quite challenging and deadly (reporting one or more PCs down per combat). Hopefully...
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    New Class Features in the DDI: Martial Powers Spoilers

    I won't make a judgment before seeing the book, but I am deeply uncomfortable with stacking hit points. There's a reason they're not meant to combine. I know that "rules of exception trump general rules," but have we already begun moving down a road that ends with an exception to every general...
  8. GoodKingJayIII

    I can't read 4e books like I could 3e books. You?

    Chalk me up as a "reference" guy. I've always read the books to do research for my games and to keep myself fresh on the rules. Cover-to-cover doesn't work for me.
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    4E with 1E Feel: Does that appeal to you?

    So a move away from the "super hero high fantasy" and more towards "sword-n-sorcery dungeon crawling"? I think a lot of those elements are already in place in 4e. Perhaps the art isn't as much to your liking, but the mechanics lend themselves to it more than 3rd edition. Though I confess I...
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    Who are the classical writers of the 21frst century

    I think Stephen King is given less credit than he deserves sometimes. He's written some junk, but he spins a damn good yarn. Whether they'll look back and call him one of the greatest writers of our time, no one can say. I have no idea how to answer this question. But I do think we'll be...
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    Forked Thread: Name exactly what 4E is "missing"

    I think what many crave from D&D is a shared story. The common experience that has bound the game across editions. This could be Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Darksun, Birthright, or some other setting applied to the D&D game, but it has to be meaningful and reach people. A lot of people don't...
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    4E with 1E Feel: Does that appeal to you?

    I like 4e a lot. I think it's a solid foundation, lacking in some content. I confess I don't know exactly what "1e feel" is, and some posters' definitions don't line up with one another. It sounds like something that's not easy to nail down. But if it improves the game, then I'm all for it.
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    I think my character is broken. :-(

    Aha, you're right. Go go, reading comprehension. :erm:
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    I think my character is broken. :-(

    Huh. That's not how I read it. I see the damage one would "normally roll to calculate damage" as the [W] damage only. Everything else is extra. To be fair though, this response is ridiculously vague.
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    The Fall of Civilization

    Well... certainly not the outcome I expected! Your heroes did some very non-heroic things this time around: deserting the military, attacking soldiers, leaving the noble behind. It's very Darwinian. Not the impression I got of them in the first post, but it sounds like self-preservation is...
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    [Trailer] Dragonball

    I had one* simple expectation for a Dragonball movie: that it look like Dragonball. Now I ask you, ladies and gentlemen: did that look like Dragonball? *I actually had zero expectations for this movie, knowing it would be absolute garbage. But after watching the trailer, I added that...
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    D&D 4E Running player commentary on PCat's 4E Campaign - Heroic tier (finished)

    Well, this is just going to be an excellent read. Looking forward to it!
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    Barbarian is up!!!

    Lots of great analysis on this thread. Thanks guys. As it stands, my initial look at the barbarian is that we have a very, very strong 1st-level class. Huge hit points, lots of temporary hit-point opportunities, and excellent at-wills: sign me up. Damage does not seem out of line with other...
  19. GoodKingJayIII Arcane Archer in 4e D&D??

    The nice thing about the various powers is that they're so loosely tied to flavor that it's easy to imagine a very simple combination of feats and powers as an arcane archer. 1. Be a Bow Ranger. Use Dex/Int and Wis as your primary stats. 2. Take the Wizard multiclass feat. 3. Pick the later...
  20. GoodKingJayIII

    The Fall of Civilization

    You seemed to like it before you knew it was 4th. ;) Besides, a good story is edition-neutral. Looking forward to this one.