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  1. aazard

    Trade offer: Rod of lordly might for belt of giant strength

    I met no offence, if you would like I can remove my comment (already done). I ended up here not for this topic, but for the rod of lordly might, I had not noticed its age.
  2. aazard

    "Your Class is Not Your Character": Is this a real problem?

    This is the issue with DnD in the 5e era... the "era" its released in lol. Unlike being cast for a role, your casting the "role" to your personal "wants". Be whatever you want, cast yourself appropriately. If you want to be a serial killer, then you do it...if you want uphold goodness, then...
  3. aazard

    DDAL Guide: Customizing Starting Gear in AL

    Small secondary note on "equipment packs": The packs may have their full contents sold, as "individual" items. This can net you additionally: A NET LOSS of 17gp, sell as a "pack" (priest's pack) nothing extra (explorer's pack) 0.01gp extra (scholar's pack) 0.1gp extra (diplomat's pack) 0.15gp...
  4. aazard

    DDAL Guide: Customizing Starting Gear in AL

    Not sure why my post keeps getting deleted. (too necro even for a 5e topic lol) Detective background, Rats of Waterdeep Appendix A as source (not considered your +1 & AL legal) Will net about 63gp, 23gp more than Guild Artisan Please add to list