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  1. TheBlueKnight

    Shields, Leather, Daggers, & Healing Potions: Most Popular D&D Items

    I used to have a talking potion. I haven't heard it speak since it's been feeling down in the mouth... *Groan*
  2. TheBlueKnight

    News Digest: D&D Announcements, Starfinder Premiere Event, Diana Jones Award, Asmodee is Alliance Ex

    I love the adventure system board games that include minis, and I was excited to hear about the premium version with repainted minis. In the live stream it is stated that the premium version costs a "little more". I was hoping this would be maybe 50% more, not double the price! Oh well...
  3. TheBlueKnight

    D&D 5E DAD DND Podcast - Fantasy League For Fathers

    This sounds fun! I look forward to listening in... I'm afraid I don't qualify to apply... not a dad, yet. Good luck!
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    D&D 5E Volo's Other Book(s) / Future Spoilers?

    Honestly it doesn't say much... There is nothing about it in the Dungeonology book but the Volo's Guide to the Forgotten Realms has a little (and I mean little) bit. A diagram and 2 paragraphs:
  5. Forgotten Realms Cosmology.jpg

    Forgotten Realms Cosmology.jpg

  6. TheBlueKnight

    D&D 5E Volo's Other Book(s) / Future Spoilers?

    While the book is cool, it doesn't have any crunch, and it is rather short. It is only 30 pages (according to amazon). I didn't count :p The little book in the end adds a few more pages. It really seems like a book for kids (book specifies Ages 10+, but I'm 42 and I am enjoying it.) It would...
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    D&D 5E Volo's Other Book(s) / Future Spoilers?

    It's attached. The book has very thick pages with parts that fold out or pop up. The map folds out on its own like a popup book. I don't think you could remove it easily without damaging the surrounding pages. Edit: On closer inspection, it does appear glued to the pages it is on. You might be...
  8. TheBlueKnight

    D&D 5E Volo's Other Book(s) / Future Spoilers?

    It looks like a Mike Schley map to me... Here are some photos: Dungeonology next to the DMG Dungeonology Title Page Map folded out. The edge of the book you can see at the bottom is the long edge, in otherwords it's about the size of 4 pages. It doesn't seem to cover the full area of the...
  9. Dungeonology Title Page.jpg

    Dungeonology Title Page.jpg

  10. Dungeonology Size.jpg

    Dungeonology Size.jpg

  11. Dungeonology Map.jpg

    Dungeonology Map.jpg

  12. TheBlueKnight

    D&D 5E Volo's Other Book(s) / Future Spoilers?

    So Volo's Guide to Monsters releases in Wizard's Play stores tomorrow (Nov 4, 2016) and today (Nov. 3) Amazon delivered my copy of Dungeonology. It's "written by" Volo with forward by Elminster (tucked into an envelope inside the front cover. Overall the book looks pretty fun. It purports to be...
  13. TheBlueKnight

    D&D 5E Dragon+ Easter Eggs

    Well I didn't want to spoil it. And I can't seem to find anyway to do a spoiler tag so... Spoiler alert! Issue 1: Boo the miniature giant space hamster with the text "Thank You" Issue 2: Guenhwyvar's head, mouth open roaring (I assume) with the text "Hang in there!" Issue 3: A gelatinous cube...
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    D&D 5E Dragon+ Easter Eggs

    After finishing skimming the credits page of the most recent issue of Dragon+ I scrolled quickly back to the top of the page. The scrolling continued past the top and bounced back as it will on iOS and there was an image under the scrolling part of the page. I checked the older issues and sure...
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    D&D 5E D&D Success Story

    No... Just over the hills.
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    D&D 5E D&D Success Story

    Thanks! I am only slightly concerned that the rogue, our trap-finder and heaviest damage dealer so far, won't be joining us tomorrow. Also, I was concerned with early TPKs so I gave each character a healing potion just in case. I think they used one or two... Also, now they are level 3. I...
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    D&D 5E D&D Success Story

    I apologize, this might be a longish story... Read at your own risk. ;) So my sister's family came for a week long visit last week. I am relatively new to DMing, just a dozen or so sessions over the last few years. Previously I had run a group through The Twisting Halls (4E Red Box Set...
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    D&D 5E Updated 5E Pregenerated Characters at

    I just noticed that has updated the pregenerated 5E characters they posted a few weeks ago. They now cover levels 1-5 and have at least 1 character for each race (except gnome) and one for each class in the PHB for a total...
  19. TheBlueKnight

    Vin Diesel's D&D Birthday Cake

    Before reading the headline, I saw the image and thought, "what are those, and how do I get a copy?" Oh cool! It's cake! Happy Birthday Vin!