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  1. Zaran

    D&D 5E Dare You Face the Demonplague? A Review

    I'm currently running this adventure. Overall I'm enjoying it. I think it works but any GM that wishes to run it needs to know about a couple things. The first one is they missed a level somewhere. If you follow the milestone guidelines it jumps from level 4 to level 5 between the first two...
  2. Zaran

    WotC Considering NPC Stat Format Change

    I would rather they leave the stats and provide a description of the npc.
  3. Zaran

    WotC Wants You To Help Shape D&D

    Man. They don’t keep these surveys up long enough!
  4. Zaran

    New Survey

    Man. They don’t keep these surveys up long enough!
  5. Zaran

    What no Luke Cage love?

    I’ve slogged through the whole season 2. I saw slogged because I feel like 13 episodes is too long to tell a single arc. 3/4s of the time it’s just two people trading words with each other. I thought it was maybe 7 our of 10 until the last episode and I hated that one. I feel like he had a...
  6. Zaran

    Online D&D 5e: Looking for a single player Saturdays 4:30-8pm Central

    We are still looking. We can help you set up Maptools. It's free. The group could use a wizard or a front line combatant. They just turned level 2.
  7. Zaran

    Online D&D 5e: Looking for a single player Saturdays 4:30-8pm Central

    We are looking for a 5th player for our online Maptools D&D. I am starting a new campaign in a homebrew world. Looking for a player who likes the exploration and character building aspects of D&D with a little RP. We don't use voice. I am allowing things from the DM guild and UA after...
  8. Zaran

    D&D 5E Why FR Is "Hated"

    I don't think most people hate it. It's more like we want other options to choose from.
  9. Zaran

    D&D 5E As a DM, can I just say, Screw Paladins :)

    Anyone who rolls 2 20s on a death knight will frag them up. Crits shorten the combat. Don't feel so bad. Three rounds is a good show. A warlock would be out of spells by then.
  10. Zaran

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Introduces The Artifcer

    But the class is called an Artificer. Don't allow the class in your game if you don't want magic items to be so abundant. I for one enjoy handing out magic items and this class would fit into my game quite well.
  11. Zaran

    Tales From The Yawning Portal - 7 Classic Dungeons Updated To 5E!

    Hopefully it's not the only thing coming out around April.
  12. Zaran

    Looking Forward At The Year To Come In Tabletop RPGs

    I doubt it. FFG hasn't seemed to want to pursue the RPG version of that. I think their Star Wars RPG sales are no where near their sales for the X-Wing or Star Wars card games and that will translate to focus on similar games for L5R. Hopefully I will be proved wrong but they have been very...
  13. Zaran

    Elite: Dangerous Tabletop RPG Announced

    I don't like the idea of a single 1d10. Gamers have lots of dice. Rolling one die isn't that fun. I will say that if you think 1d10 is swingy then D&D is even worse. I don't really mind if good idea bonuses put up to the same skill as the Elite. They should also be getting the same...
  14. Zaran

    D&D 5E there aren't enough slow Dwarves with Axes! ;)

    I'm not understanding the issue. Let the players make the characters they want to make. Its possible that players don't want to play dwarves. Do you feel like your players are min/maxers who feel dwarves are sub-optimal? Or do they just want to play dex-monkeys? I play a dual longsword...
  15. Zaran

    Unearthed Arcana New Barbarian Primal Paths in November 7th Unearthed Arcana

    I think the Warrior of the Gods feature is quite weak. I would at least give them the religion skill on top of it. How many groups out there have to deal with character death often enough for this feature to be used? I suppose the player will have incentive to get himself killed, if there is...
  16. Zaran

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Presents Alternative Encounter Building Guidelines

    Half the fun of D&D, are the magic items in my group. There needs to be a good way to have them in a campaign without making encounters trivial.
  17. Zaran

    D&D 5E Is R.A. Salvatore's "Hero" the last Forgotten Realms book?

    Erin hinted at a new book and that she can't speak much because of the NDA means to me that they do have plans. She also didn't seem that upset. In fact she mentioned that she was thinking about making the book before, her last, for family reasons.
  18. Zaran

    Latest D&D Survey Says "More Feats, Please!"; Plus New Survey About DMs Guild, Monster Hunter, Inqui

    I'm hoping that WotC takes more from that survey than "We want a book of feats!" I want more options period and not just feats.
  19. Zaran

    New issue of Dragon+ (April '16)

    I am well aware of this. But I do think that this APP is WotC's answer to our requests for the magazines.
  20. Zaran

    New issue of Dragon+ (April '16)

    I feel like this is a waste of effort. Everything that is semi-interesting I see in other places. I don't need an app that gives me advertisements. Do newbies use this app to get their news? I find it hard to believe. I used to have a subscription to Dragon Magazine and it depressed me...