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  1. BluWolf

    Social/Background templates

    It has been a few years since I have posted. I am dusting off my homebrew to start a new campaign. I was wondering if anyone has seen any good write-ups or resources for using templates for background or social statuses? for example; a Noble template vs. a peasant?? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. BluWolf

    Stupid crafting item question

    So thisis going to sound like the noob quesiton of the century.... How much does it cost the caster to create a 1st lvl sleep scorll? 25GP or 12.5 GP?
  3. BluWolf

    Elfquest racial write up

    Very nice work. I can't comment on psionics because I am just not that familiar with them buI did read missive and I think that capatures sending very well. On the High Ones I would remove the animal companion ability and also make them a +1 or +2 ECL race.
  4. BluWolf

    Idyllis of the Noob King

    I am running my brand new group of players through Goodman games Idylli of the Rat King next weekend. 5 players all old time 2e players that have been away from the table for 10+ years, plus 1 player who is also a GM and is very seasoned on 3.X. I have read through the module and it seems...
  5. BluWolf

    Belt (Baldric) of Many Axes

    THanks for the responses. I think I like the 18K answer the best simply because not only does it grant unlimited missile weapons but also the quick draw feat.
  6. BluWolf

    Belt (Baldric) of Many Axes

    I wanted to create a magic item for a primary recurring NPC in my campaign. He is the Captain Marshall of the main city in the campaign and he will be a recurring (ally) of the PCs. His name is Rhect the Ax because of his trademark belt (Baldric) that allows him to magically summon throwing...
  7. BluWolf

    Class Def Bonus

    Thanks for clearing that up. Do they handle this the same way in Star Wars?
  8. BluWolf

    Class Def Bonus

    I am incorporating the Class Def Bonus from Unearther Arcana into my game. It does not specify in the brief description whether or not you lose def bonus if you lose dex (i.e. flatfooted). It would stand to reason but does anyone know for sure??
  9. BluWolf

    Pathfinder vs. 3.5?

    Given this criteria I would say stay with 3.5 over Pathfinder. I like what Pathfinder is doing and have incorporated many of these things into my E10 game. However I think the Power-race" has scaled much like 4e, it seems to be escalating. For Example (and this could have an impact in E6)...
  10. BluWolf

    Elfquest racial write up

    Nice write up on MadCoil!!!
  11. BluWolf

    Elfquest racial write up

    Achan, I have to give you a hearty Thank you and Curse you for the link. I was up until 1:30 in the morning rereading the entire original run of ElfQuest last night. Something I have not done in 20 years. Man what a great story line. Thanks for bringing back a child hood treasure.
  12. BluWolf

    Can Improved Feint be used with an attack spell?

    I think Herzog hits the cruxt of the issue for me. "In Melee" for purposes of feint would mean the target is actively trying to parry or gain some sort of advantage over the attacker by "correcting" or addressing a perceived threat. At range I do not see this as a plausible scenario. So while I...
  13. BluWolf

    Elfquest racial write up

    Thanks for all the feed back and suggestions. Here is the general write up I think I am going for. Any class that gets an animal companion or a familiar will use its tribe's animal. (There will be more than just wolf-riders.) No sending because I am going to keep psionics to a minimum in my...
  14. BluWolf

    Elfquest racial write up

    Anyone ever seen a good write up of the Elfquest elves? In particular how you treat the bond animals?
  15. BluWolf

    limits on leadership?

    I don't allow the Leadership feat at all. Not that the feat as written is inherantly broken I have always felt that this is more of a story/roleplaying aspect of the game. Breaking it down to a feat was just way too limiting in my opinion. I use a template system that grants bonuses based on...
  16. BluWolf

    2-3 Pitched battle scenarios

    No suggestions??
  17. BluWolf

    2-3 Pitched battle scenarios

    Yes, 3.5. I have no interest in 4th edition. First level.
  18. BluWolf

    D&D General What (in)famous D&D adventure sites exist in your homebrew?

    The Dark Tower (Judges Guild) (a version) of the locales from Under Illefarn (one of the greatest modules of all time). Oakhurst
  19. BluWolf

    2-3 Pitched battle scenarios

    We are getting our new group together this weekend for our first meet-up/game session. The majority of the players are folks that left the game prior to 3e and are now returning. (4 old 2e players, 2 3.5 players). So besides the social pleasantries and getting to know ya stuff, we will do a...
  20. BluWolf

    Stylish backgrounds for a Players Guide

    I am looking for the know how and possible source for a stylish page background I can use on my players guide for my campaign world. I want to use a background similar to the Pathfinder game or like the page design on the FRCS book from Wizards. Raise the production quality a little. Any...