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  1. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist and Divination Magic (potential spoilers)

    4e, artificer specialized in Arcana, can pass Hard DC of lvl 30 with 1 on d20. Obscurati protection rituals (DC 32 IIRC) never posed a threat, Magic Map ritual played a crucial role several times, but all in all I think some mystery still held, incredibly. Isolation of information does wonders...
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    ZEITGEIST ZEITGEIST in legacy character builder

    Invited you to group convo with links
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    ZEITGEIST List of Pop Culture References in Zeitgeist

    I was today years old when I realized that Fourmyle reference to "The stars my destination" (which is listed in the very first post of this thread) refers to the novel which I've read a great deal of times in middle school under the name "Tiger, tiger" (and completely forgot the name of main...
  4. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Need help / advice about Zeitgeist 4e version

    I'm running a very prolonged 4e campaign (currently in adventure 10), all in all involving around 8 players of various DnD backgrounds and playstyles. As an experiment, I've been awarding per-session exp for the last 3 adventures (in general, considering each and every scene at least as a "minor...
  5. hirou

    ZEITGEIST ZEITGEIST in legacy character builder

    Invited you to the conversatin. WotC seemingly doesn't give a damn about 4e for a long time time, but I still don't want to post it in the open. Latest version of TeamBravo.part (my campaign file) include selected items from up to adventure 9, we just started Godmind
  6. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Fleshing out Flint

    I did a one-shot adventure in Flint using Blades in the dark rules, and Duskvol seems like a good fit, I was able to transfer most of the details, minus the endless night and hordes of undead oh wait nevermind we're in adventure 10 now...
  7. hirou

    ZEITGEIST List of Pop Culture References in Zeitgeist

    Saving for cross-referencing from here ZEITGEIST - Using Midjourney image AI to imagine Zeitgeist
  8. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Question about Act 3 [Spoilers]

    What's your take on Godmind Urn, why does it work in your campaign exactly? I reasoned that it's a remnant of Gidim "technology", a seed of Overmind-like entity to unite the knowledge about the world before its assimilation. I find it a bit weird for the character to not know the source of his...
  9. hirou

    ZEITGEIST 1001 things PCs are totally allowed to do in Zeitgeist campaign

    95. Provoking Voice of Rot into promising "to catch you and show what Death can do with you" and then escaping. There will be a song about this. Party arrived to Black Needles to rescue their member (they collectively decided that freeing the titan for a rampage is a bad idea), spoke a bit...
  10. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Using Midjourney image AI to imagine Zeitgeist

    Really nice. Could you provide the prompts you've used for generation of these images? I've tried Artflow for some portraits, but MidJourney seems to be more functional.
  11. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Adventures in ZEITGEIST setting book now available (formerly an announcement of the Level Up Kickstarter)

    This is completely separate book. Obviously, there's some overlap, e.g. in describing general geography of the continent, but it describes the world 20 years after the ZG campaign.
  12. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Bruse's Challenges (Spoilers)

    Kings can allow themselves to be dicks. Bruse did not command anyone to attack Risur (he can't order a foreign minister around, can he?), Bruse definitely does not support the attack on Risuri fort. If some Risuri fort would happen to be attacked by orc warlord, Bruse will definitely be...
  13. hirou

    ZEITGEIST ZEITGEIST in legacy character builder

    invited you to group DM with links
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    ZEITGEIST I made my own flags for Ber and Risur

    Out of top of my head, broken shackles, unfettered chain link, upside-down dragon, six stars (unity of dragonborn, goliaths, gnolls, minotaurs, orcs and kobolds, last star maybe half-hidden by the edge of the flag, I guess).
  15. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Alternative countries flags

    I liked Death of the author a lot, despite being unable to run the finale (time issues :( ). It strikes a very fine balance of introducing just enough characters to still give enough attention to each of them
  16. hirou

    ZEITGEIST I made my own flags for Ber and Risur

    Please note that minotaurs are not "royalty" in Ber, first Bruse was an orc. If Shantus in particular put an image of his race on his country's flag... this sends a very particular message. Otherwise I like them.
  17. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Strength of the Puma | a campaign set at Pardwight University

    It's unlikely that engineering was introduced more than a generation ago. Risuri king is equal to the titans, so it's possible that a new house of Kelland was founded by Aodan 30-something years ago.
  18. hirou

    WotBS Where can I access War of the Burning Sky?

    Drivethru has it in several editions War of the Burning Sky 4E WotBS 3.5 5E only available via search
  19. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Adventures in ZEITGEIST is Here!

    Oh my! Looking at the portrait, this is an incredible catch, the lip scar can't be a coincidence.
  20. hirou

    ZEITGEIST Adventures in ZEITGEIST is Here!

    I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday, I didn't realize they were this close to being finished! There are bunch of weird bookmarks in the end of the pdf file, is this just me?