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  1. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E Dming Pathfinder for the first time.

    30 points? Heh. That's about a 40 pt character under 3.5. Pathfinder Adventure Path books assume a party of 4 15-point characters. I believe Pathfinder Society scenarios assume a party of 4 20-point characters. You may want to prohibit summoners and gunslingers until you're more comfortable...
  2. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E An ogre's punch

    Frank, the feat you're thinking of is to allow a person to counter-attack an enemy with reach that would not normally provoke an AoO. So if the dragon was biting you from 30 feet away, you could still stab it. I'd...
  3. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E Paladin tank - your help appreciated

    The Angel-Kin come from Blood of Angels - - Blood of Angels The Legalistic curse comes from Blood of Fiends - - Blood of Fiends Both books are part of Paizo's Player Companion line. If you don't think the character will even make it to L11, then yeah, something like the...
  4. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E Paladin tank - your help appreciated

    A couple comments: 1) Re: dual-cursed - the one drawback for haunted can be a bit of a killer for a melee character - it's a standard action to draw your weapon instead of a move action that you can perform as part of movement. So unless I'm reading it wrong, if you have the Haunted curse and...
  5. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E Our 1st Pathfinder campaign, and we could use some help.

    Here's a simple suggestion - if you want to make the party coming together to be as smooth and simple as possible, then work out a back story where you already know each other. Maybe some of you are family members. Maybe some of you are long time rivals. Fine details will depend on what...
  6. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E Prepping for Pathfinder: Kingmaker (spoilers!)

    Having played all the way through Kingmaker - Yeah, we domesticated the kobolds. Our gnome summoner also started rearing owlbears. Kingdom building was neat at first, but was a serious chore by book 5. We also had about 12 districts worth of cities and were using an excel spreadsheet to...
  7. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E How does the magus perform at high levels?

    It wasn't until late in the campaign that he had the ability to drop AoE spells back to back. Earlier he'd only one have one or two fireballs or equivalents, and he had the empower arcana so that when he did chuck that fireball, it HURT. Wands and using pool points was also a key part of...
  8. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E How does the magus perform at high levels?

    Blaster: Our magus was the party's primary blaster. As he levelled up and gained more spells per day and more pool points, it got easier for him to be tank, slasher, and blaster all at once. Wyroot: It sure sounds nice, but I doubt you actually have to have it. As you get higher level...
  9. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E How does the magus perform at high levels?

    My vague recollections of my party's tiefling magus in the Serpent Skull adventure path: 1) He had a mithril breastplate. 2) He took the arcanas for being able to use wands with spell combat with full caster level, which meant a great deal of fireballing later in the campaign. 3) He took...
  10. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E Stabbing eyes, slicing off hands, and fun stuff like that

    Ultimate Combat has a variant rule that may be of use - Called Shots
  11. Epametheus

    D&D 4E Poll about your interest in 4e

    I chose # 7 as "i owned a number of books, played 4E heavily, and now I am done with it." To go into more detail: I own a substantial number of 4E books - in fact, I think I own most of the hardback books that weren't a campaign specific book. I own exactly 1 of the Essentials books, and...
  12. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E Matachan Death Speaker

    A cleric taking your prestige class will give up or least greatly delay their L8 domain powers, so they are making a sacrifice to take this. I assume the holy blast is added to Channel Energy, but I'm not entirely clear on that from the class's description. The blast having scaling results...
  13. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E Serpent's Skull AP (spoilers)

    First off, SPOILERS. If you're planning to play through the adventure path, you shouldn't read my post.
  14. Epametheus

    Is the cleric's "Channeling" ability a mistake?

    In 3.x I'd found Turn Undead to be pretty worthless (especially since a lot of undead had massive amount of hit dice, making them functionally immune to the power), but the divine feats eventually salvaged it. Basically, Turn Undead was crap until you had feats that let you burn up turning...
  15. Epametheus

    Big Bad Evil Melee Guy

    Well, magic counters magic... I would suggest doing something along the lines of what Neil Spicer did in Blood for Blood, book 4 of Kingmaker... An evil knight as your final villian is fine; just remember that he'll need protective measures to not get smashed, just like any other "puny...
  16. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E What would be a good "Pathfinder Bonus" for a Swordsage?

    The real killer on Tumble is the +10 to DC to use it while moving at full speed. If you have skill focus + an item, you'll have a decent bonus. How much you have to put yourself at risk is going to depend on what your party is like. I'd suggest looking at rogue talents for some inspiration...
  17. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E World of Golarion going Lovecraft too much?

    Compared to what the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse seek, or the ever-encroaching threat of the Abyss, the Elder Gods of the Dark Tapestry are simply one more possible Bad Ending for the multiverse. The Elder Gods can be included without being the be-all and end-all of threats because there...
  18. Epametheus

    Mounted combat.

    I'm not entirely sure I understand your question, but the Ride Skillprovides that it is a DC 10 ride check for the rider to be able to attack if the mount attacks. Note that you suffer armor check penalty on ride checks unless you're a cavalier, so it can be tricky to have both mount & rider...
  19. Epametheus

    D&D 4E Is PF combat any faster than 4e?

    My experience is that a challenging 4E battle would last about 30 minutes to 1 hour at heroic tier, and last anywhere from 2 to 5 hours at paragon and epic tiers. If the fight isn't challenging, than it might run 20 to 40 minutes at heroic tier, and maybe 40 minutes to an hour and a half at...
  20. Epametheus

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Countries - Comparisons?

    Nirmathas and Molthune are very much colonial-era Virginia and England. Molthune even has Redcoats. Andoran is more like the post-revolution colonies. Vudra is India.